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Opinions of Monday, 21 December 2015

Columnist: Azindoo, China

Bawumia Is A Paper Tiger

Alhaji Dr.Mahamudu Bawumia, keeps calling, his Excellency , John Dramani Mahahama, an incompeten.Whenever Bawunia mounts on any platform, he ceases every chance to label John as incompetent. This has become his jingles and jargons. Is it through that his claim has substance? .That's a big NO .It's a white lie and fabrication coming from someone like Bawumia.

The question which keeps lingering in my mind is that, what has Bawumia done or achieved or managed to have done, in the entire life of his, visibly, efficiently, competently for the good of Ghana? None can be be said of him during his public service and work at Bank of Ghana. Nobody new him then.He was nowhere near fame.
His popularity soared, when npp needed to partner a Northerner, to their flag bearer then, he was considered. He was considered based on the fact that the other competent guys in the north, who're in politics were tainted with chieftaincy issues, especially, those in the northern Ghana. So, there was the majority voice, to look somewhere and pick someone who's new and untainted. Then, it finally landed on him Bawumia.
Bawumia has no public visible record of achievements one can point to or point at. All is just a consideration of his PhD's status as we know of black race, as just following titles. A part from his Dr.title, he'd done nothing competently , so calling someone an incompetent is troublesome and cause of concern to some of us, who can see abblack pot calling someone black.
One can't see Bawumia's line of questioning John Dramani's competency as we can see a mountain differences between His Excellency, John Mahama and him. John Mahama , has been on the scene in Ghana for a long time. Being a parliamentarian, rising as deputy Communications minister, became a minister of communications, to his elevation as Vice president to his current status as the commander- in chief. These are visible traits, accolades, achievements,competence, laurels, medals and citations of a competent, John Dramani Mahama, pride son of Yagbon, the pride son of the north and the pride son of Savannah.
But what has the paper tiger (Bawumia) , got to sell to us? except his PhD. That's nothing . PhD's is now a common name everywhere. What we need is not the paper but one's service to Ghana. On this barometer, Bawumia has flopped and needed to stop being naive and push to call someone incompetent. Had he attacked NDC as incompetent fine, no qualms about that. But mentioning and labeling his Excellency John Mahama's name is far below the belt.