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Opinions of Friday, 29 May 2020

Columnist: Rockson Adofo

Ban motorcyclists from roads at certain hours of the day to curb or curtail crime commitments

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As neither a grey hair is a repository of wisdom nor an old age an indication of wisdom, my son, Nimoako of the Asiampa/Adikuro soil, by the application of the Akan tradition, has alerted me to the crimes that some motorcyclists who happen not to be law-abiding but criminals, can commit.

He may have drawn his conclusion from the wave of crimes committed by some youth in the United Kingdom riding motorcycles or from Ghana where some criminals had used motorbikes as a means to facilitate their committal of crimes by day or by night.

From the daily revelations of the evil intents by some selfish, insatiably greedy, extremely wicked but politically myopic, misfits and unbefitting to be called Ghanaians, NDC persons, it only calls for adherence to sagacious suggestions as hereby put forward by my son.

Therefore, the law enforcement agencies and agents, who although may have lost their credibility in the eyes of many a Ghanaian because of their love of corruption, ascertained publicly displayed acts of unprofessionalism by some of them, are still being required to be proactive than reactive by heeding the advice or suggestion put forward by Mr Nimoako.

Give the suggestion a critical intelligence thinking to see if some criminals and power-consumed but immeasurably callous politicians of whom the NDC Chairman, Mr Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, sadly an Elder at the Pentecost Church, can possibly employ motorbikes as a vehicle to facilitate their unleashing of deadly harms on Ghanaians.

Motorcycles are faster and can easily manoeuvre their way even through a build-up traffic. This makes it easier for a criminal motorcyclist to snatch someone’s bag, rides closer to peep through someone’s car’s side window to inflict any intended harm on them if the victim is their target.

I am against election years in Ghana becoming so scary and always hyped to be so. Be that the case, as non-politically savvy as we are as a nation and people, compared to our white contemporaries in the Western civilized world, I shall add weight to the suggestion as made above to possibly place a curfew on motorcyclists from plying on the roads both within and outside cities, towns and villages during certain times of the day.

Don’t let us make it easier, but more difficult, for those that plan evil against the nation, to achieve their selfish and most reprehensibly deadly motives.

Some idiots in the nation who think they are born to be heads but not tails, therefore they must have the inalienable right to rule the nation all the time, resorting to any evil plan that crosses their minds, must be proven wrong by using all means possibly available to obstruct the materialisation of their evil intents hence the need to study how motorbikes can be employed as a means to achieving their diabolic intents to thwart it far in advance.

Let us keep an eagle eye on the political bigots who are insanely of the mind that they are the best to rule Ghana all of the time hence are always threatening the nation with havoc were they not to have their way through everything.

We can only maintain peace, tranquillity and harmony in the nation at all times if the nation’s law enforcement agents would be incorruptible and proactive rather than being corruptible and reactive.