Feature Article of Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Columnist: Kutsienyo, Justice

The Political Analogy Behind The Mastery And Mystery Of The Black Stars

After a careful situational analysis of the happenings in the political landscape and the legendary performance of the Black Stars in the African Cup of Nations in Angola, there is a crystal clear political analogy behind the mastery and mystery of the Black Stars of Ghana.
There’s one thing which still remains whilst empires have risen and fallen; when machines have rusted away; and when flowers have degenerated to weeds: TALENT coupled with stringent DISCIPLINE will put you before PHAROAHS (Kings). Indeed, the non-inclusion of players like Sulley Muntari clearly epitomises the decision of President Mills to refuse personalities who think they have endeared for themselves a legendary status within the NDC and for that matter think that a ministerial appointment is their birthright.
I have heard some critics of the President say that his decision to refuse some iconic figures within his party a ministerial appointment amounts to vindictiveness and an anomalous appetite for second fiddle ministers or better still- TEAM B MINISTERS. These iconic figures have not only developed a bloated ego but have shamefully resorted to a practice now known in political circles as ‘PISSING-IN.
Though many have called for UNITY between the President and his critics, I think that; rather paradoxically but very true, this unity could be suicidal and can be a calamitous blight on the intra-cohesion of the Atta Mills-led government. The painful reality is that, unity breeds diversity but diversity if not trimmed degenerates to destructive differences, superiority and inferiority complexities, and that if not regulated, stands being inflamed to irreparable and incalculable levels of jeopardy. Even the sciences haves have it that, similarity in vibrating frequency is critical for resonance to occur between two bodies.
The performance of the Black Stars clearly attests to the fact that there is no such thing as TEAM B and the decision of the President to give the likes of James Agyenim- Boateng, Okudzeto-Ablakwa, Fiifi Kwettey, Haruna Iddrisu, Omane-Boamah, Zita Okaikoi, Hannah Bissue, Ayeriga, etc. the rare opportunity to serve in his government can safely be compared to the choice of coach Milo to give Opoku-Agyemang, Agyeman-Badu, Kojo Asamoah, Samuel-Inkoom, Anthony Annan, Harrison Afful, Agyei, Adiyiah, etc the opportunity to battle the whole of Africa in the African Cup of Nations.
One moral lesson which must be significantly noted is that, both coach Milo and President Mills have shown faith in the Ghanaian youth and they have been vindicated. Their performances have shown that TALENTS without DISCIPLINE, EXPERIENCE without COMMITMENT, and INDIVIDUAL BRILLIANCE without TEAMWORK will lead to the irony of logic: Heirs will be walking and servants will be riding horses, the named will go unknown, the polished will go unrecognised, the ordained will remain lay. Lack of balance in the elements of success saw the highly rated Elephants of Ivory Coast leave the competition prematurely, the Algerians loose to their perennial rivals when it mattered most, the Indomitable Lions of Cameroun play abysmally, the Super Eagles play like a wingless bird trying to fly, and so on.
The current Black Stars’ coach has been criticised for his tactics, technical competence, choice of players, player substitution, etc. but one thing which has really kept him going is that he has enjoyed the unflinching support of those who gave him the mandate-THE GFA. This scenario is obviously not different from the mischievous and malicious criticisms by the opponents of President Mills who have questioned his leadership style, policies, rationale for the non-inclusion of some party gurus, and currently the ministerial reshuffles. Akin to the fate of coach Milo, those who gave the President the mandate to deliver on his BETTER GHANA agenda have shown abiding faith in the President and his team of appointees.
Needlessly and regrettably so, the brouhaha with which the minority in Parliament and their apologists greeted the recent announcement that, President Mills has reassigned the Youth and Sports Minister-Hon. Rashid Pelpuo and had therefore replaced him with Hon. Akua Danso in the run up to the Ghana-Nigeria semi-finals match is not only untenable but shameful. The illogical correlation as well as the unacceptable connotation to the replacement of the Minister and the assertions by NPP MP’s like Hon. Balado Manu, Hon. Essiam, etc. that the President was to blame if the Black Stars of Ghana had failed to beat the Super Eagles of Nigerian, is bogus, malicious, meritorious and highly preposterous. Thanks be to God, the Black Stars proved them wrong just as the Government is proving the NPP wrong.
I must concede that no one or generation can choose the age or circumstance in which it is born. To some generations, much is given and others, much is expected. For this generation of Black Stars, much was not expected and they proved all pessimists wrong, we must give people the chance and not treat them with prejudice. No one knows when a hero will be born; let us unite as a people to rally round the flag of Ghana. Let us have faith in the President and his team of appointees.
The Black Stars have shown as that, even though they lost their first match to Ivory Coast, they were not perturbed but were energised to pick up the pieces and excelled throughout the competition. The early demise of the Ivoirians clearly attests to the popular admonition of the sages over the ages that the race is not for the swift but they; that can persevere to the promise land. The Black Stars have shown that the way you start is not important as how you end. I don’t know the problem(s) you have as an individual but persist and very soon, your persistence will overcome every resistance on your way.
Indeed, the determination and patriotism of the Black Stars have shown that, if a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep so well that all will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well. The Black Stars have written their names with gold. What are you doing for your country and what do you want to be remembered for?
My Dear reader, this government is not a perfect body. We, the citizens are not a perfect people. Yet, we expect that they are called to a perfect mission. President Mills is not the perfect servant. He is the servant who has earned the trust of the people of Ghana. As he develops and serves, be patient: God is not finished with him yet, if those who elected him are not perfect how, on earth, could we claim that he is perfect? He cannot be 100% efficient but I think she has so far exhibited a first class performance. Leadership styles vary and if your style is different from that of the President, don’t cast insinuations at him. Just as there can’t be two or more captains in a team, let us take cognisance of the fact that we can’t have more than one President in this country. We have the right to criticise him and in doing so, I pray that our conscience guides us. Anyone who thinks he can’t stand the leadership style of the President must realise that our borders are not closed and therefore has the liberty to leave the country if he so wishes. Like coach MILO, anyone who thinks President Mills is slow and for that matter is incompetent cannot be taken seriously and must bow his head in deep shame!!!
The limitations of ink and space will severe the in toto exposition of this subject but I hope that if you comprehend these things even to the minute magnitude of the size of a mustard seed, then I think you caught a glimpse of the Political analogy behind the mastery and mystery of the Black Stars of Ghana.
Thank you.