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Opinions of Friday, 9 October 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Auntie Betty Mould-Iddrisu is More of an Alien Than an Ashanti – Innit?

As outwardly beautiful as Betty Mould-Iddrisu's body features appear and eloquent as she is in the spoken Queen's language (English), she is more of an alien, if not absolutely an alien, than an Ashanti. She is probably a Martian alien come from the planet Mars to sojourn on earth, particularly in Ghana and especially, among the Ashantis. I am 100% persuaded by her exhibited characteristics that she is an alien but never an Ashanti.

Beauty is only skin deep but ugliness cuts across bones. Discerning Ashantis will have nothing to do with someone who has a facial or body beauty but is overflowing with stinking character. It is not a secret to any Ghanaian who cares to be honest and be abreast with time and unfolding events that this woman called Betty Mould-Iddrisu has betrayed feminism. Women are normally respected for being more honest, fair and firm in most things they do especially when they are elected/appointed to higher positions of responsibility. They seldom involve themselves in demeaning corrupt practices. However, Mrs Betty Mould-Iddrisu is neck-deep wallowing in the very acts that are abominable to respectable ladies.

Her desire to acquire immense material wealth through foul means, colluding with individuals and companies, both local and foreign, to swindle Ghana of hundreds of millions of US dollars or Ghanaian Cedis makes her detestable to many a sensible Ashanti. How can they cope with, or be proud of, such a disgraceful charlatan who shamelessly aided Alfred Agbesi Woyome and others to dupe Ghana through their skilfully planned and executed "judgment debt payment" schemes?

When I was sitting behind a computer keyboard punching the keypads with intent to dissect the character of Auntie Betty as if I was partially sighted or angry, a young man in the Internet Cafe retorted, "It's not only Betty Mould who is a crook among Ashantis. Your King is worse. Leave that woman alone"
I quickly looked over my shoulder and could see this lanky man standing behind me, craned forward reading what I was writing. I suddenly got onto my feet, turned round to face him. The adrenalin was running high in me. He was lucky my age does not permit me to take on young persons in fight but to rather tutor them out of the paths of danger to make them better persons for society else it would have been a different scene.

Annoyed as I was, I asked him to fuck off to mind his own business. I shut down the computer and stormed out of the place. This man looked like an alien from Venus hence found it hugely unpalatable my truthful statements about Auntie Betty Mould. She claims to feel pains at the realisation or mention that she is an Ashanti because Ashantis are ungrateful to President Mahama and NDC party for all that they have done for them.

Betty must be out of her mind a little. How can a normal person who sleeps on pillow and reasons, be thankful to President Mahama except they are his crony? How can we be grateful to him for being corrupt to the core as never witnessed in the political history of Ghana? How can we appreciate the nepotism and the lopsided tribal favouritism, cluelessness and incompetence and the sarcastic insults he rains on Ashantis?

Yes, birds of the same feathers flock together. Betty sees Mr President as doing marvellously well because he has facilitated her stealing spree to enrich herself.

Back to the young man who swan-necked to read my earlier piece at the Internet Cafe which although ended up deleted, Iet me ask him, who tells him Ashantis are happy and approve of the dastardly selfish actions by their King, "Ashanti Nana?"

President Mahama, a materialist, alleges that Ashantis do not understand "brofo" (English). But as Mrs Betty Mould-Iddrisu speaks English like "ako" (parrot), she is surely not an Ashanti. Not long ago, one Kwesi Pratt Jnr applauded her for being fluent and with the English accent when she speaks English. Kwesi Pratt never saw her defect, a con woman, but just praised her because she is eloquent when speaking English.

Sadly, in Ghana, the knowledge of English is the criterion for a man's great learning. No wonder that she has a following after all her thievery.

Betty only lives in Ashanti region and among the Ashantis, she is an alien. Ashanti Nana may also be a descendant of an alien from Venus, who knows? My presumption is a deduction from a statement he made at Manhyia Palace captured on video posted on Youtube under the title, "Asantehene involves in corruption" How did his female ancestors get tall men to.... "Asem sebe"

Please Betty, just whisper into my ears how much palm-greasing Cedi/dollar wads you received from that criminal Alfred Agbesi Woyome? It is alleged you took GHc5 million but how much do you say you received as a handshake fee, not a golden handshake? It's actually GHc5 million, innit (isn't it)?

Rockson Adofo