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Opinions of Sunday, 19 September 2010

Columnist: Adams, Kofi

Attention good Citizens of Ghana,

It is high time we stand up and fight this ugly trends that has eaten dip in our system.
We read in yesterday Daily Guide News paper on page 15 how a small boy of 3yrs died at New Town Ashaiman.
Before now, we want to be gathering information and bring it to your notice to follow up till justice is done.
In our quest to fight injustice, we believe that soon Ghana will be a better place for all of us.

Please you have to help the bereaved family to fight the Government (Ashaiman Municipal Assembly) who fail to do what is expected to do to prevent such occurrence which eventually led to sudden death of that small boy since according to report they have been fighting with the woman like a toothless bull dog, and the woman at the center of the affairs Mrs Nartey Sarah for going beyond her limit and dig the whole where ECG wire and other government pipe are laid just because she has good romance with police who is keep protecting her.

She simply go above the law. One of the woman in that house no Number ANT Z2 -03 New Town Ashaiman, which was built with money she collected for tenancy from Ghana Police through her senior police friend connection in which she and her police friend did as joint business (financial lost to the state on the part of the police officer ) said that ECG should also be informed about their wire, also catch this woman and collect their money which she forcefully overcharging her Tenants living there with over 300% of the actual bill and still fail to remit the money to ECG claiming that the bill is her own and that she has agreement with ECG as she bought Electric poles and did the wiring . Even an employee of ECG is also a tenant in that house still she not afraid , you can check her name with ECG she retorted.

Please we want to use this medium to call on authority concern to ask Ashaiman Municipality Assembly why they fail to act when they suppose to act to on this property that eventually cost the life of the small boy.
Also ask this woman who put this Latrine at unauthorized area.
Why did she continued after discover that the ECG wires and pipes are underneath.
Now life has gone , what will Government do to the woman (Nartey Sarah ), the officers at Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (AMA) who fail to discharge his/her duty as at when due and the Family that lost their son such a tragic way.

We therefore call on Government, NGO's , Media establishments in the Country and Police to come in to this matter and let Justice and equity be the order of the day in Ghana
Kofi Adams