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Opinions of Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Columnist: Spy News Agency

Attempts by Western Powers to Topple Mahama ?

Diplomatic Cables reveal attempts by Western Powers to Topple Mahama’s Administration

There are strong indications that some foreign super powers are collaborating with their Ghanaian counterparts to cause the overthrow of the John Dramani Mahama led government, Spy News Agency has gathered.

The aim of the collaboration which is in its advance stages is to basically cause disaffection among Ghanaians which would eventually pave way for the possible overthrow of the administration even before the 2016 democraticl elections are due.

A diplomatic cable intercepted by a Ghanaian Security Intelligence Officer working with an Eastern European country, a copy of which is accessible to Spy News Agency, reveals that two major Western Power Blocs tried plotting with some senior Ghanaian military officers to overthrow the Mahama administration. It is not clear what the interest of the Countries are but the Military officers who were contacted turned down the offer citing professional integrity and ethical reasons. The cables revealed that the power blocs had already contacted some members of the leadership of major opposition political parties, informing them that their contacts within the Ghana’s military had agreed to carry out a coup d’etat so “they should get the grounds ready”.

But for the professionalism of the Ghanaian security personnel a bloody coup would have occurred in Ghana within the first two quarters of 2014. According to our sources, it was when the military turned down the offer that contacts were made with some influential individuals to carry on the plot by organizing street demonstrations and agitations, which would eventually lead to an uprising and to the collapse of the government.

The plan is to use some middle class society people, some members of the leadership of leading opposition political parties, influential Ghanaians in business, traditional leaders, the students’ front, spiritual leaders among others, to cause an uprising by gathering support to agitate against the government.

This is among the reasons why some big people in Ghana, including pastors with links to the NPP recently made statements to the effect that there is likely to be a coup d’etat in Ghana soon, if care is not taken.

Spy News Agency gathered that some elements in the opposition NPP did support the use of force to overthrow the government when they were contacted. Those are the people who are of the view that political power may not return to the NPP anytime soon, as such, the only way they can get power is through the use of force. They suggested that for now, the momentum on demonstrations and public agitations should be kept alive to make the Mahama administration unpopular even as the country takes steps towards another democratic elections due in December 2016.

A senior journalist in Ghana who serves as a mouthpiece of the opposition is quoted in the leaked cable to have mounted a strong opposition to the toppling of the Mahama administration using the military.

It would be recalled that similar steps were taken in an attempt to remove the president of Venezuela but this did not succeed due to the vigilance of the country’s security apparatus.