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Opinions of Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Columnist: Transient Justice

Atta Mills kills more 17 Ghanaians via inaction

I was going through the news when I read a report by myjoyonline that 17 Ghanaians had died at Korle-bu due to cholera. I was astonished but, not overly surprised. For the last year I have been writing about issues of healthcare but, they have largely been ignored. With another election coming up soon it may be too late for Atta Mills if he does not start reforming the health care system now.

In 2011, the best hospitals in Ghana should be able to provide the education and quality health care to prevent such embarrassing news. Atta Mills lack of action makes him responsible for the present condition in the country. In fact, 636 cases of Cholera have been reported this means that the gov. is not providing education, not doing their job on the environmental front, and failing on the health care delivery front.

In fact, since coming to power Atta Mills has done nothing on health care. These are strong words but, if one measures success by real milestones and a true improvement in quality it is the dire truth. The life expectancy is still the same due to infant mortality and death from preventable causes and this is helping to contribute to the under development of the state. Even more shamefully, he acknowledges that the health care system is bad via the action of him and his ministers.

His ministers get their health care overseas for example; Zita proved the health care sytem was bad when she had her Child outside the country. This essentially showed that Atta Mills has an idea that the health care system is not functioning properly. If this is so, why is there no real effort to have the best health care system? In fact, if Atta Mills was a visionary, Ghana would invest and become the health care hub of the region.

Instead, Dr. Mills has helped to continue the institutionalized policy of marginal health care for the masses. This has rendered our people helpless and continues to cause death from preventable causes. This is both disgraceful and abhorrent. Atta Mills what are you doing on health care?? Health care is multifaceted but, you are failing on all facets. Namely on education about health issues, quality when in the hospital, and providing an environment were health issues will be limited. Thus, should Dr. Atta Mills be renamed Dr. Death??

It would seem to me if real action is not taken that may have to be the new nickname for our president. As a supporter of Atta Mills due to his wiser foreign policy and attempts to find more economic partners I feel I need to write these articles because, it is a life and death situation. If Atta Mills does not recognize that quickly he may end up ousted and his vision left incomplete.

Penname: Transient Justice