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Opinions of Saturday, 29 May 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

Atta Mills is not the President of Ghana

In just around 2 years Dr. Atta Mills has managed to ruin Ghana to the extent that we have been rendered a failed state. When Atta Mills was coming to power he promised to fix every problem under the sun. He told us that he would put more money in the pockets of all people and, rule with dignity and, fairness. We now know that he lied.

Atta Mills has managed to turn Ghana from a country which accepts refugees to one that CREATES refugees! Ghana has not had a refugee crisis for over 30 years! In fact, we have accepted refugees from all over Africa and, assimilated them as Ghanaians. Dr. Atta Mess on the other hand, has ignored pressing issues to the extent that some citizens have decided to try out neighboring countries like Togo in order to be refugees.

Atta Mills inherited a Ghana which was much more prosperous and attractive to live in when compared to Togo. Ghana was a vibrant West African country with an interesting history and, a culture which had spread all over the world. In just under 2 years, Dr. Mess has managed to make Ghana a state were some citizens would rather live in humiliation as a refugee elsewhere than in Ghana. How did we get to this state?

Dr. Mess’s process of ruining Ghana did not happen overnight. It started with the DIRTY DIVISIVE campaign he ran. Where there were divisions, Dr. Mess took advantage of them for the sake of politics. He promised bigger groups domination over smaller groups. He promised Smaller groups more autonomy to subjugate bigger groups etc etc. He ran a dirty campaign.

Now, the insidious campaign he ran is coming back to bite him in the buttocks! Namely, his inflammatory campaign is still having side effects today. This in essence has created the Togo crisis. In 2007 if I told you that in 3 years Ghanaians would be refugees in Togo. You would have laughed! You would have directed me to a mental institution and, told them I was incompetent. Sadly, it took Dr. Atta Mess less than 2 years to make it happen. Has Atta Mess done ANYTHING right?

I will commend Atta Mess for getting rid of many criminals in his government. The problem is, there are still many criminals and divisionist still within his government. As long as you have people with a divisive agenda within your government, it will always fail. Where are the Pan-Ghanaianist who wanted to build a strong powerful empire called Ghana? Atta Mess discouraged and harassed them all. What do we have left? What we have is, the fact that every Clown in Atta Mess’s Gov. Claims to be an Nkrumahist then, they steal a government bungalow. What type of greedy socialist is ruling Ghana?

All the above issues have caused me to arrive at the conviction that Atta Mills is not our president. That is to say, if we had a president none of these issues would be happening. We would have water, we would have electricity, we would not be refugees in Togo, we would have a better health care system etc etc.

Dr. Atta Mess is a professor and, is obviously running a crazy experiment on the Ghanaian people. He is studying human behavior and, is seeing how human react when living as a refugee with no electricity and water and, no toilet! Hopefully, he realizes that we are not simply lab rats but, people who voted for change. Will any of us be alive then?

Penname: Transient Justice