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Opinions of Thursday, 19 August 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

Atta Mills has failed miserably

It has been nearly 2 years, TWO YEARS, since Atta Mills was sworn as the president of this great nation. The people of Ghana stood in long lines, some even DIED in line, to vote for Atta Mills. He was viewed as a God by some Ghanaians who were convinced that he in character, intelligence and, moral fortitude possessed the wits to turn this country around and, make it great as foreseen by Kwame Nkrumah and the 1950’s/1960’s generation. Well, two years have passed and, I can say with the utmost confidence that Prof. Atta Mills has failed.

In 2010 we have a leader, a former law professor, who claims to believe in Human rights governing over one of the most corrupt murderous regimes. This administration has failed in providing the GOOD people of Ghana with water, electricity, improve sanitation, developmental projects and, other things which deem a nation forward moving… This administration is not one that has shown any desire to look out for the common interests of the people of Ghana. Rather, the administration has chosen to be the talking piece for corporate interests which can enable members of it to get rich at the expense of the collective interest of the Ghanaian people. If these were the only ills associated with this administration one could possibly live quietly in a rural existence and, hope its reign would end quickly. Sadly it is not.

Under this administration, people have been murdered by the government. These cases are not propaganda as has been the case of previous years was individual thugs killing innocent people were blame on the government. These cases involve people being called into the GOVERNMENT BNI and, MURDERED by this administration. Afterwards, there is NO INVESTIGATION, NO APOLOGY, just a hush hush environment. This has not only happened once but, TWICE. The first case was when a fellow was murdered protesting in front of the government institution. The BNI guards MURDERED him in cold blood and, the president did not even have the dignity to go apologize to the family members of this fellow. When this happened few people in the media picked it up and, even cared. Then, it happed again months later and, STILL nobody cared thus, it must be asked, HOW MANY MORE HAVE TO DIE?

In 2010 under this Administration Ghanaians have been rendered REFUGEES! That is to say, some Ghanaians have choosen to run to neighboring Togo to live as a refugee in humiliation rather than live under an administration which has made no real effort to solve issues going on in their local area. Their area has no security and, many would rather not move to Accra and Kumasi to live in utter poverty with no clear path to success. Thus, in Atta Mills Ghana, it has become more beneficial to live as a refugee getting handouts because, the economy has been rigged to favor party men while the masses suffer.

We have an administration which has wasted state resources to chase men who they deem corrupt yet, has refused to check its own men for the same corruption. In under 2 years so many of its members have been caught with their fingers in the nations cookie jar that to list them would be to write a 30 page article. This is an administration which in it first few months in power seized every nice car even cars sent home by poor Ghanaians overseas and, split them among party men. The administration then went on to do Millions of Cedis worth of renovations to homes in order to live in utter luxury in the midst of despicable misery. Thus, it must be asked, HAS THIS ADMINISTRATION DONE ANYTHING?

The answer is NO; the administration of Prof. Atta Mills has done nothing. There has been no real change. There has been no announcement on policies to permanently fix the water problem, there has been no announcement on fixing the electricity problem, there has been no announcement on fixing the sanitation problem, and there has been no announcement on plans to bring transformative change. The administrations biggest accomplishment was selling 10+ years of oil revenue for a few Korean houses for 30,000 party men and, sending party men on an all expense paid trip to South Africa to watch the world cup while the rest of us stayed home darkness with no water!!!…

This ladies and gentle is our king, our lord on human rights, our God fearing president, the God of many NDC Ghanaians. Well, he is not my God because; he is not a president he is a selfish leader looking out for the interests of a few while the masses suffer…

Penname: Transient Justice