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Opinions of Thursday, 2 September 2010

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Atiwa By-Election Rings a Knell for NDC

The result of the Atiwa by-election is a precursor to the defeat awaiting the NDC in
the year 2012 general elections in Ghana. Most reasonable Ghanaians are itching
to force the NDC out of power through the Emergency exit. The NDC will be as though
bundled in a straitjacket, carried at a shoulder high by pallbearers amid a
procession of mourners to the cemetery, the land of no return. How jubilant will all
discerning Ghanaians be on that day? I cannot wait to see that day come as the
thuggery, tyranny and official bastardization of the NDC have reached astronomical

Knowing that Atiwa is the NPP's strong-hold, was there the need for dispatching the
self-seeking NDC Azorka boys from the North, and some lawless self-styled
foot-soldiers there? What at all was their mission to Atiwa, one may ask? Was
it simply not to intimidate and cause mayhem? If it wasn't for obstructing the
peaceful exercise of the Atiwa constituents' voting franchise, what then were the
hordes of Azorka boys doing at Atiwa?

My own extended family member who is a die-hard NDC activist did phone to tell that
they knew NPP was surely going to win. However, they were going there to see how
many more or less votes NPP would get as compared to what they earned at the 2008
parliamentary elections? This was to them, a means of assessing the chance of
President Atta Mills and NDC winning or losing the 2012 elections. It was popularity
and performance test for the NDC government, and most particularly, for President
"Asomdwehene" Fiifi Evans Atta Mills.

What then happened? Not less a person than their National Women's Organizer is
alleged to have driven through a human barricade, injuring and, or killing some. How
wicked could she be if truly she had done as alleged. Did she do that in self
defence? Why did she not drive away from that human barrier to a safe distance and
then summon police escort? If she had driven through that human blockade without any
attempt on her life by those setting up that barrier, then she cannot be exonerated
of blame. Was she simply not trying to show her NDC muscles to intimidate as do most
of the NDC guys small, big, young or old?

For the fact that the NDC believe in lawlessness as the party was begat by
lawlessness, the NDC will lose the 2012 elections. Ghanaians have had enough of
their acts of lawlessness coupled with unnecessary intimidations and loose talks.
Most of their leaders don't make sense at all when they talk.

As "The Devil begat darkness and darkness begat ignorance", most of the NDC people
by their deplorable attitude are squarely ignorant and hence are devil.

President Mills is unfortunately a right person in a wrong party so is the Finance
Minister. Anyway, they are being of service to their country which is good. Atiwa
constituents have unlocked the emergency exit and are asking the NDCs out. The day
of reckoning is coming and the NDCs will wail. NDC out, out, out, and out!

Rockson Adofo