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Opinions of Monday, 26 September 2016

Columnist: Michael Jarvis Bokor

At last, NPP has a campaign message

By Michael Jarvis Bokor

And it is simple: "‘Mahama is a drunkard’, can’t speak without whisky". Folks, that's what Hopeson Adorye has released for the NPP to propagate in its vain attempt at discrediting the hardworking Lion of Gonja (See…/Mahama-is-a-drunkard-can-t-speak-…).

My comments

What is in whisky to hook President Mahama, anyway? If "whisky-quaffing" John Dramani Mahama can superintend over the massive infrastructural development of Ghana and keep the country safe and stable for its citizens to go about their activities smoothly, I urge him to drink more of it.

I will lead the move to provide him with barrels of whisky a day so he can drink his head off and yet control governance for Ghana's good.

Indeed, these NPP people are lost; they are truly confirming why they are not in government and can't provide an effective opposition either. Were there to be any other spot for them, I will work hard for the electorate to send them there. Out of sight, out of mind!!

While the Lion of Gonja and his team are interacting with Ghanaians and reassuring them of a better future, these NPP people are spreading malicious lies and outright stupidity. Who will give them the mandate? It won't happen at Election 2016 or thereafter.

Let these NPP people know that their mud won't stick on President Mahama. They had better spend all the time, energy and resources they are wasting splashing that mud and look for ways and means to cleanse their flagbearer (Akufo-Addo) of the dirt that he has dumped on himself as a wee(d) smoker and a lawyer who has practised law in Ghana for 40 years under surreptitious circumstances.

He is really tainted, which explains why he isn't preferred by the electorate as much as they did the late Asomdwehene (Atta Mills) and his successor (the Lion of Gonja). And they will do it again on December 7. Bring on the whisky session, Hopeson Adorye and Co.!!