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Opinions of Monday, 24 August 2015

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Asiedu Nketiah And His Ewe NDC Acolytes Are Tribal Mercants

Seriously, does the Ndc with its General Secretary believe that Dr. Bawumiah and Npp are engaging in tribal politics? Is Ndc for real or they believe Ghanaians are hollow minded we will swallow their stupidies without questioning their motives?

Let me implore Madam Asieduaa Nketiah and the Ndc to take a journey through mnemonic memory lane with these quotes to jive their memories.

"a register over 50% of the population is unheard of"

---President Mahama in 2008---

"a register in excess of 50% of the population will be statistically unacceptable by world standards."

---Kojo Afari Gyan, EC in 2008---

Ghana has a population of 25 million according to 2010 census and in 2012, we had a voting register with over 14 million voters, that is 56% of the population which President Mahama and the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Afari Gyan in 2008 have postulated is not an acceptable voters register that does not meet the world standard so why is Ndc in 2015 resisting to discard a voters register that fails to meet the minimum standard of a credible voters register?

The Npp with its Vice-Presidential candidate recently held a Press conference to show that the voters register which even the Ndc has admitted contains the names of minors who don't qualify to vote vis-à-vis with foreigners who have no business registering to vote in Ghana. Dr. Bawumiah at this Press conference provided evidence to show that with just ten percent of the voters register examined, he found more than 76,000 people who are registered both in Togo and Ghana and therefore might not qualify to vote in Ghana for being citizens of Togo.

This article is not whether Dr. Bawumiah and Npp are right or wrong but the response that is coming from the Ndc Party and government officials who have taken it upon themselves to become the spokespersons of the Electoral Commission and Experts in Psephology, prominent amongst these nitwits is the General Secretary of the NDC, Asieduaa Nketiah riding on boomlet for recognizance by issuing juvenile, sophomoric and ethnocentric statements that have no place in our nascent democracy.

When did it become tribal by trying to prevent foreigners from voting in Ghana? Now all these Ndc factotums who cannot even shine the shoes of Dr. Bawumiah have resorted to bricbat and fanning of tribal embers to hush hush this problem that needs solving before Ghanaians go to the polls in 2016.

According to Johnson Asieduaa Nketiah, The General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) is engaging in tribal politics and is attacking the people of Volta region and Brong/Ahafo for saying that the voters register contains names of Togolese and Ivorians. According to NPP,so far where this illegality took place, and there are only 3 in the Volta. How does this constitute a gratuitous attack on the people of the Volta and Brong Ahafo regions?

Not to be outdone by their Party General Secretary, Koku Anyidoho and Fiifi Kwetey took the baton of tribal politics and resorted to what these people know how to do very well than any other tribe in Ghana by saying these;

"Nana Addo is too divisive to lead Ghana - Anyidoho

In the heated argument between the opposition New Patriotic Party [NPP] and the ruling National Democratic Congress [NDC] over whether Togolese nationals are in Ghana's voters register, Koku Anyidoho, the NDC Deputy Chief Scribe blames Akufo-Addo for fueling regional divisions in Ghana.

According to him, the NPP flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and his party, have indicated their dislike for the people in the Volta region by choosing to start their investigations from the region ahead of other regions."


Ghanaians must shun NPP's ethnocentric politics - Fiifi Kwetey

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Ketu South has described as "shallow and hypocritical" the opposition New Patriotic Party's claim that Ghana has a bloated electoral register.

In his view, the supposed bloated electoral roll in Ketu South "is just a drop in the ocean" because those in the Ashanti region are worse.

"Kwabre West and many constituencies where the NPP won had a voter population as high as 50 percent so how dare the NPP talk about Ketu South?" he quizzed.

So what is Fiifi Kwetey the tribal bigot problem if because of the bloated voters register he is accepting exist in 'Kwabre West' we have to discard the bloated register and do a new one?

The worst of these fools who attacked Dr.Bawumiah is the incestuous fool who goes by the name Twum Boafo, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Free Zones Board (GFZB).Mr. Twum-Boafo described the opposition party's running mate as a "slow-witted" man for leading the crusade for a new register.

If Dr. Bawumiah, a world known Economist is "slow-witted", how will this Twum-Boafo who slept with his own Father's wife describe himself?

Ghana's political landscape has been hijacked by blockheads whose only merchandize in trade is insults but these greenhorns should remember that, there will be a time they will not have the political power wall to lean on and their world will come crashing down and that is when they will regret making these bonehead statements.

Justice Sarpong


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