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Opinions of Monday, 18 April 2011

Columnist: Aryeetey, Frank

Aseidu Nketia Acquires More Properties Abroad

As a member of the NDC, I am very frustrated at the turn of events in my party and i have decided to break ranks with my family, my friends and join others to champion the cause of change being called for by Mrs Konadu Agyeman Rawlings. It is for this reason I have deferred my final year exams at the University of London to champion this cause and to be the spokesperson for the group in the UK.

My party, which was elected to solve the problems and right the wrongs inflicted on Ghanaians by the NPP, has totally diverted its course and has embarked on a course which is alien to the tenets of June 4th and 31st December Revolutions on which the party was formed. Our senior party figures are now only interested in making money and amassing wealth while those who fought for the party to come to power, suffer in ignominy! This is surely a recipe for disaster in 2012.

The General Secretary of the NDC Mr Johnson Aseidu Nketia alias General Mosquito who instead of managing our party affairs and build bridges, has become the ‘Regimanuel’ of the NDC. He has now extended his property empire to take in a four bedroom house in Cuba which he acquired during his recent visit and also a four bedroom house outside Toronto,Canada where he and his wife already own another house. The house in Toronto was bought at the cost of300,000 Canadian dollars while the house in Cuba was bought for the equivalent of 40,000 US dollars. What will Ghanaians think of us if we engage in such recklessness? Former President Rawlings, the founder of our party is right to lament on the lack of restraint, excess corruption and mediocrity currently going on under President Mills. The mad rush to acquire properties instead of punishing wrongdoing in the previous administration is a betrayal of the promises made to the people. Mr Aseidu Nketia and others are abusing their positions to amass wealth and this is just not on .How can President Mills call himself a party leader and not go to our party headquarters for 2 years and tell us he is not a welfare officer? Surely this is wrong and unpardonable!

Recently some of our colleagues at the Presidency and ministers came to London to attend a youth forum organised by our colleagues at the NDC UK and Ireland. We were surprised to learn that Mr Stan Dogbe and Mr Agyenim Boateng, made enquires with a real estate agents called Choice Estates to buy three bedroom properties in an area called Beckenham, one of london’s affluent areas, a situation which angered a lot f people. What is the real agenda of these party members? did they join the party just to use it as a train to their destination-a destination of riches and abundant wine with its accessories of young women at their beck and call. Is this what NDC is about? i think not!

Thats why the Konadu for 2012 group in the UK ,other NDC members in the UK and the entire NDC in the Diaspora who believe in the ideals of June 4th and 31st December support the call for a proper debate on the direction and future of our party. We look forward to Mrs Konadu Agyeman Rawlings leading that healthy debate for change and progress in our party and country. Over the next three months we will stand with her to change our party. That is the hallmark of true democracy and accountability.

Long Live NDC,

Long live Ghana

Frank Aryeetey. -Media Relations Officer

For and behalf of Konadu for 2012 Group(UK)