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Opinions of Saturday, 21 April 2012

Columnist: Afevi, Kormi

As Kennedy Adjepong Relives Victor Owusu

When I described the NPP as an ethnic cult in one of my articles a couple of week ago, I did so after a careful consideration of attitudes and utterances over the years from some leading members of the NPP. As I watched in dismay as Gina Wood granted Ken Adjepong bail to a massive welcome from scores of NPP supporters, I asked my self what kind of human beings are these? Fact of the matter is far from being a political party, the NPP is an association of business people and loose interest groups united by nothing but ethnicity. They preach everything but believe in nothing. Their lifestyle revolves around big cars, big houses and big money. For them, the absence of power is their inability to make weekly funeral trips to Kyebi and Kumasi to talk big and drink French wine with duck soup. The very reason they see nothing good about the country when they are not in power. The Jubilation that greeted Mr Adjepong might have given some steam to the attempt to galvanize the Akan front to unseat president mills with 2 regions but it has most importantly given a wake up call to we Ewes and our Ga brothers to wake up and ensure that the ethnic cult does not win power in 2012. For those who thronged the party headquarters to welcome Mr Adjepong, when Akuffo Addo polls his 28% in 2012 then they will wake up to the fact that Mr Adjepong has take the UP tradition back to where it was in 1979. Akuffo Addo should come back again and tell us one way , one way. Ken Adjepong has also given a reality check to all Ewes and Gas who are ambivalent about the leadership style of President Mills. The alternative is calling for our extermination the way Hitler targeted the Jews. It is also fair at this point to recognize the only Ewes who would be left in Ghana by the time Akuffo Addo ascends the presidency with Ken Adjepong as his chief of staff. Here we go. Elizabeth Ohene,Kenwood Nuworsu, the ghost of Courage Quashiga,Daavi Ama Okudjeto, Tommy Amematekpor,Maureen Amematekpor,Seth Ohene, Mr Dzamesi. On the whole of Ga land, we would have only Ayikoi Otoo, I C Quaye,Ishmael Ashietey,Sammy Crabbe, Jake Otanka. Folks, all hail Kennedy Adjepong the new Victor Owusu. Thank you for reminding us of how dangerous your tradition still is after all the years of rebranding and reaching out.

Efo Korsi Djato, I still share in your pain but a greater evil has arisen. Let’s deal with it decisively then we can continue with the house cleaning exercise after 2016. For now, it is time to save Ghana from slave marauding empires. Kormi Afevi