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Opinions of Friday, 4 April 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Mamponghene to Explain His "Anomaa bi ab3 hwerema agu ma aso mu" Assertion

? Asantehene was recently requested, but amazingly failed, to explain his infamous "apae" verdict pronounced on Kumawu chieftaincy case. I am making a similar demand on Mamponghene, the occupant of the Asanteman Silver stool, to explain a figurative statement he made recently. ? On Monday, 24 February 2014, when it was the turn of Mamponghene to express his views on the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute then under arbitration before the Asanteman Council, he made a self-incriminating statement. In contributing to the adjudication of the case that turned out to have been prejudged, he exposed his shallow-mindedness. Being a bully as he appeared, trying to be overly-clever, he unknowingly ended up shooting himself in the foot. He made the following complicitous statement. He said, figuratively, facing the three Kumawu kingmakers present (Kontrihene, Akwamuhene & Nifahene), "Anomaa bi ab3 hwerema agu ma aso mu se mo agye bribe". ? The above statement translates simply as, "a bird has chirped into my ears that you have accepted bribe". In its proper sense, Mamponghene said, "He has been informed by an unknown person that the three kingmakers have accepted bribe from the queen’s nominee to assist in ensuring his coronation as paramount chief of Kumawu". Therefore, they are bound by the acceptance of the bribe to forcibly install the queen’s nominee (Dr Yaw Sarfo) the paramount chief of Kumawu regardless of anything. ? How and when did Mamponghene become aware of bribery taking place? Is bribery the ultimate foundation and determinant of nominating, accepting and installing a paramount chief or queen? If the answer is a BIG NO, why then did Mamponghene insist that the fact that the kingmakers had accepted bribe from the queen and her nominee, they are obliged to install him the paramount chief of Kumawu? ? Asantehene and all the other Amanhene present agreed with Mamponghene that Dr Yaw Sarfo should be sworn in the Omanhene for the fact that the kingmakers have accepted bribe from him. What an absolute nonsense the reasoning of Asantehene and his conniving crooks is? In their silly attempts to play clever, they have been ensnarled by their myopic stupidity. Are they not those that have been shown a banker’s printout indicating how much money Kumawuman has with the Bank of Ghana? Are they not the same persons that have allegedly agreed to take more than a half of that money should they succeed in imposing the said Dr Yaw Sarfo on Kumawuman as Omanhene? ? Anyway, when did Asantehene have the right to choose and impose a candidate of his choice on Kumawu as Omanhene? He will never cease to be embarrassed even though he claims to have built a tough skin against insults and rebuke. They will soon answer for their connivance to do Alfred Agbesi Woyome on Kumawuman. Watch out for that. Be it known to Asantehene, a Ceremonial head of the Asante Confederacy since 1932/35 that he has no authority over the land of Kumawuman and who becomes their Omanhene. He had better learn Asanteman history very well. ? I refer my readers to the centre page of Chronicle newspaper publication of 28 February 2014. You can ascertain the truth of the little said here. However, for the satisfaction of your curiosity before hand, Mamponghene said, facing the Kumawu kingmakers, "I wonder why you have refused to carry out the directive by Otumfuo to install his nominee the Omanhene of Kumawu. I am aware that you have taken money from the Asantehene’s nominee (Dr Yaw Sarfo). Why should you put impediments in his way after accepting bribe from him? I know that you have all been promised a new car each after you have helped to install Asantehene’s nominee the Omanhene of Kumawu. Therefore, as long as you have accepted money from him, you are obliged to ensure he is installed the Omanhene of Kumawu" ? Look at how Mamponghene, a graduate of course, has entangled himself in crime by being utterly irresponsible. Have my readers now seen how one can be highly educated but lacks wisdom and common sense? I would in any day choose my uneducated "Odikro of Asiampa", Nana Yaw Ampong, over and above Mamponghene and his like-minded criminals was he alive today. He was caring and had love for his subjects and anyone he came into contact with. He would never come out with irrational bullying propositions knowing very well that they contravene conventional, moral and spiritual laws. ? How do you rate Mamponghene in terms of intelligence and wisdom after reading this piece? Kumawu has still not installed anyone as its Omanhene. I do not want to comment further as the case is now pending in court, removed from the hands of the colluding Asanteman rogues and thieves. The thieves know themselves without mentioning. ? This Kumawu case will surely be the waterloo of some until now rogue chief who has built a tough skin for crime and insults ? Rockson Adofo