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Opinions of Sunday, 13 December 2009

Columnist: Abdul, Kofi Ali

Are you therefore an Africa Union Citizen?

Dear Ngovi Kitau,

I have taken some time to go over your replies again and again, and one thing that is obvious is the strong sense of ego that makes some of our politicians to continue to fail as they think of themselves as gods. One a serious note, the work of the AGA has started long before we happened to hear of each other and I presume your activities to be the same. Whether we sustain this communication or not, we shall all continue with what we are doing.

We in the AGA are doing what we believe in and sooner or later, there are going to be some Kenyan nationals who will be sharing the same opinion with us to see the reason why we should be working together, if such relationship could not exist between us. It is very important to remind ourselves that there is a very great difference between us in the AGA and you. Unlike you, we in the AGA have no agenda for the Africa Union than just one thing which is having every one of the 850 million citizens of the AU 53 member states to be voting directly to the president of the Union's authority. We have read and understood the vision, institutions, persons and the roles of all the Unions component which to us is exactly what any Union need to start with. We understand that as far as you are concern, the current Union is not only bad enough, but need rebuilding from the scratch with your union and agenda. Basically, what your group is doing is that you do not recognize the existing Union which is far different from our position and I want to believe that you are actually scouting for others who are also out to destroy the Union.

Now to your mail, your view seem to concide with the attitude of a typical Pro- ECOWAS saboteurs of the Africa Union. All these people do daily is busy setting up institutions after institutions and going from one meetings to another caliming to be doing so on behalf of the ever starving masses. At the slightest chance, they engage themselves in long angel- like talks as if it is all for the poor people, when in reality, it is all about their selfish traveling allowances. It is good at this point to assume you are aware of the two camps in the AU which are; 1. Those with the position that the existing institution in the Union should be strengthen to allow it to function properly. 2. The other faction whose course you seems to be advancing are those that believe that the Union should be disbanded and rebuild from the scratch. According to your own accession, the EAC was disbanded in 1967 after serving its purpose of frustrating the effort of the OAU in forming a common continental wide Union and the demise of the great forceful figures like Kwami Nkrumah, Gamal Abdul Nasser etc. What else do you expect from the snake than to raise its head again just when the Africa Union come into existence to re-energize the effort of unity? It is very unfortunate that you sound like a union of 53 countries, of which Kenya and all the very countries your are luring into your fold, do not actually exist. The Africa Union exist for God sake and it is made up of all the African countries, except Morocco. I recalled you accusing us of imitating the EU because we in Ghana are saying that our people should be deciding whether they want to continue with the current indirect voting system in the AU or will prefer a direct voting system. Here you are disregarding the AU that has already had almost all its member states signing an accord of working as a Union and going back to starting with some few nations just because that is how the European Union went about it. What a way to convince any one that a people with this kind of understanding actually know what they are doing? I doubt you are not getting yourselves into a situation of barring some countries into your Union like EU is currently doing with Turkey? What a way to copy blindly? Mr. Ngovi Kitau, one thing that shocks me is how much you have covered in this short period of time about your project. You seems to be putting into practice and implementing concerns that most of us are yet to get off the ground. Within barely a months of our communication, you have not only embarked on educating and sensitizing Kenyans on the issue of referendum, you have actually produced and passed a constitutional draft on most of the issues. You even factored into your program the issue of direct voting and indirect voting in Kenya. These things are too credible to be true.

We in the AGA have always thought that we are the only people in the whole of Africa to be discussing about these issues, and learning that some people are even implementing these things explains how distanced we are to each other on our common land of Africa. In your writing, one thing that continue to re-emphasize itself is the mentality of a self seeking people that are preying on and destroying others. It is all about them and nobody else. This type of personality are in every class of people; from the upper, to the middle and the lower class. By your occupation, I even want to believe that you fall into the team of East African Community Business Council (EACBC) and the Kenyan Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) that are being hosted by the AU member state leader. No doubt you and your colleagues know very well that they day the AU president will be getting his mandate directly from the citizens of the member state, shall be the beginning of the end of all this "Kagame cum Kikwete regional co-hots". It is important to remind you on your position "As I told you earlier, implementation of EAC customs union will start on July 1, 2009" that we are currently in December, 2009 which is almost five months ago. I remember telling you that all these issues of common custom tariff, free movement of goods and people, is a history in the Economic Community of West Africa. To this day, nothing good has come out of it than a platform for some of the African leaders to enjoy the opportunity of getting the cheap position that could not be gain from the common Africa Union. According to your personal authority "The timing for EAC political federation is 2015" and my candid understanding of your situation is that we do not learn from our past mistakes or that of others within Africa. In fact our inability to know that you are already discussing the referendum and getting the approval of your people on a drafted Constitution, is a proof that we are not aware what the other is doing on the same land of Africa. A Former President of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere pointed this out when he said "the African is struggling to the next village while the rest of the world are going to the moon".

Mr. Kitau, it is just disturbing when one see how the Chinese are advancing with all the challenges as their detractors try to stop them and all we could be doing, is meeting after meeting and wasting of everybody else time. I some time found myself wondering how we in the Africa Union think we can fool our way into posterity in the wild world of canny and wise people. The very thing we have spent the past 46 years doing with the OAU that has brought us to our present predicament seems not to have thought us any lesson. We spent all this while on wondering around the simple understanding of organization in terms of diverse people working under one single leadership by the direct mandate of the people.

At this point, I will be wishing you and your colleagues a very good luck as you seems to be doing a lot by what your are claiming to be doing. It will be great if indeed these things are being done, as it is even better for us to allow you recone your limitations on time than dreaming about it. We in Ghana are dealing with our Pro-ECOWAS psychos who will never know that they are just chasing a mere shadow and that our people have realized that these bunch of self seeking people will turn up with nothing good.

Our support is increasing with every passing day and we shall be stopping at nothing than voting for the president of the AU authority so that when our brothers and sisters are going to be working out of Ghana in any peace keeping duty of the AU, the clear commander in chief will be nobody than the man/woman we know and voted for. Please continue to delay your people in what they will eventually be doing anyway while we get our people exercising their AU fundamental right now!

Kofi Ali Abdul. AGA Coordinator