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Opinions of Monday, 11 March 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Are these Rumours about the Supreme Court judges Credible?

Much as I am not an avid believer in loose talks, call it rumours if you want, I still do not want to overlook or underestimate the importance of the adage, "There is the slightest truth in every rumour". "There is no smoke without fire"

I have recently published some articles on my favourite media websites lamenting about how the defendants in the election 2012 fraud suit are presumed to be engaged in convivial somersault with the Supreme Court judges. According to some relations of members of President Mahama's government, the Supreme Court judges have secretly agreed to throw out, or rule in favour of President Mahama and Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, the case lodged against them by Nana Akuffo-Addo and Co. A case on an alleged electoral irregularities, malpractices and fraud that saw John Mahama declared as the President-elect by Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, and subsequently sworn in as President of Ghana by the Chief Justice is pending in the Supreme Court against the benefactors.

Is it any strange if people are querying on air at various radio stations if indeed, President Mahama has spirited two of the Supreme Court judges sitting on the case away to a secret meeting at the Peduase Presidential Lodge? If he has, what was his intention for such a secret but illegal meeting? Is it to induce them with bribe of whatever sort to the judges decide the case in his favour? Was it to seek advice from them on how best to get the case dragged on for four years to allow him complete his legal or illegal four-year term of office?

Anyway, whatever the ulterior motive behind any such secret meeting, if indeed any has taken place, the judges should please base their eventual verdict on the credibility of the available evidence before them. I hope they have neither secretly agreed on a prejudicial judgment in favour of John Mahama, Afari-Gyan and the NDC, nor, sought to needlessly delay the case by coaching them on how best to bring in more NDC individuals or groups to petition the Supreme Court to allow them to join the case?

Whatever the plans of the Supreme Court judges sitting on the case are, they MUST aspire to tell nothing but the truth. They MUST decide the case on the merit of the credibility of the evidence presented, or to be presented, to them.

To disabuse the minds of people from needlessly worrying over the certainty of the judges involving themselves in dubious interactions with either the defendants or the plaintiffs, in this election 2012 fraud case, to prejudicially decide the case, I will say as following:

I today invoke the generational curse of up to the fourth generation on whoever will institute measures to intentionally delay, or prejudicially have the case decided in favour of a particular person or party, without diligent reference to credible evidence. The God's generational curse of premature death, inexplicably incurable disease, emptiness of ones being and existence, fear and perpetual guilty consciousness, coupled with all forms of torments by the gods MUST be their portion and that of their offspring to the fourth generation. May the above happen to any of the plaintiffs, defendants and the judges who connives, takes bribe or secretly arranges for prejudicial judgment in favour of one party or the other without reference to truth as based on tendered credible evidence? If you agree with me say, AMEN and AMEN. AMEN!

I hope am done. I have today by the invocation of the spiritual curse as indicated above, given assurance to Ghanaians that the case will be decided on facts, credibility of the evidence available or to be produced but not on "whom you know, what I get or can give".