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Opinions of Friday, 17 May 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Are the Supreme Court Judges serious or they are Simply Joking?

It has come to a point where we have to be frank with the judges and call a spade a spade. Who cares how certain remarks will sting them provided the remarks are the absolute truth? Do they demand decorum in the face of the clear irresponsibleness and the exhibition of lucid biases by the presiding judge? ? What the heck do they care? How long are they going to allow Tsatsu Tsikata conduct himself and his cross-examination of Dr Bawumia in that one-way go-slow manner with intent to scupper case? The presiding judge especially, sees nothing wrong about it but the answers given by Dr Bawumia. I find this quite preposterous. ? I suggest to the feuding parties with the Supreme Court inclusive that the many days or the unlimited time accorded Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata to cross-examine Dr Bawumia is as nonsensical as Tsatsu's style of questioning is. Are you going to give him four years to cross-examine Dr Bawumia? Is it not a cleverly devised means to ensure the clueless and the most corrupt President Ghana has ever had enjoys his full term in office on an alleged stolen election verdict? ? The judges should get serious for once to redeem themselves and the supposedly tainted image of the country's judiciary. Many people all over the world are watching. I find the limitless time permitted Tsatsu Tsikata and his questions posed very disgracing. It either proves how biased, incompetent, corrupt or unprofessionally lackadaisical the Ghana courts and their judges are. How on earth should they allow Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata to hijack the court proceedings all for absurd reasons? He has the right to insult but the insulted has no right to answer back. What a just Ghana we live in. ? Until going to the press to get this message published, he has not been able to ask questions pertaining to the ascertainment of whether or not any of the alleged irregularities did occur. He is more interested in the pink sheets but not the details indicating whether or not acts of statutory violations took place. ? The judges have the absolute authority to determine the direction of the case as asserted by the presiding judge. However, they must be seen to be doing justice to the people of Ghana by telling nothing but the absolute truth. Colluding to render any nonsensical judgment based on something silly other than the truth will come back to bite many people. ? Many a Ghanaian and foreigners intending to invest in Ghana are following the court proceedings very closely. When is the curtain going to be drawn on Tsatsu Tsikata's cross-examination? Can the court not set out rules determining how many days or how long a Lead Counsel for each party has to take cross-examining a witness? ? ? If things continue to be done haphazardly as it appears now, strewn with biases, then God have mercy. It hurts to tell the truth but in the end it brings comfort. Like it or hate it, it's your own cup of tea. I will always get it off my chest as and when the need arises. Those humans who feel they can play God, that is, have the right to take or grant life; decide on authority where the ongoing case goes without due diligence had better think twice. Everything has an end so better aspire for good name rather than riches through corruption. ? I shall come back. ? ? Rockson Adofo ?

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