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Opinions of Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Are the Courts Failing Ghanaians

..on the “Woyomegate” Scandal?

Many a Ghanaian is left dumbfounded by the slow pace at which the “Woyomegate Scandal” is being attended by the Courts. As actions speak louder than words, the tactical but obviously unnecessary if not nonsensical adjournments of the hearing of the case, let alone, determining a verdict, leaves one to believe that there is something fishy going on underground.

The mighty hand of the NDC government is at play in an attempt to save Alfred Agbesi Woyome from being found guilty and accordingly, not coughing out the money he has so dubiously and collusively obtained from the NDC Government of Ghana.

Woyome has himself declared on air and before the Courts that he had neither signed any contract with the government nor carried out any works for the government to warrant such a hefty sum of money payment to him. Could the Court not find him guilty on his self-confession of unmeritorious avail of the public purse? What are the Courts waiting for before finding the self-confessed fraudster guilty let alone, retrieving the GHC 51.2 Million from him?

Who in Ghana does not until now know that Alfred Agbesi Woyome, greedy bastard as he has always been, offered himself as a front to be used by the NDC party to dupe Ghana out of that gargantuan sum of money? I have very a credible source of information on how the NDC wanting money for their party for obvious silly reasons engaged in unprecedented payments of judgment debts to fraudulent individuals and companies including Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

One would normally expect Woyome to be stealing cats for his traditional delicacies but not money on the scale as mentioned above.

The NDC cannot get away with this Woyome case no matter what they do. Woyome is guilty on and by his own confession whether you like it or not. Subsequently, I find the Courts a bit awkward how they have failed to have the balls to bring the case to a close by finding Woyome guilty. Nobody can hide behind the very nonsensical delay tactics by the Courts to exonerate themselves of blame if indeed; they have a hand in Woyome’s daylight robbery on Mother “Ama” Ghana.

Is John Mahama sitting elsewhere pulling the strings that help to delay the hearing of the case to bring it to a swift conclusion? Has he got his long dirty hands stuck in Woyome’s pocket for a reason or the other?

I personally find postponing any further hearing on the Woyome’s case to 25 October 2013 very disturbing if not absolutely a taxation of people’s patience and an underestimation of their intelligence. Why all these needless adjournments knowing very well that Woyome has accepted his guilt already?

This case can never be brushed under the carpet no matter the outcome of the Supreme Court verdict to be pronounced on Election 2012 petition of alleged election rigging in favour of John Dramani Mahama.

The Courts must be serious for once on this case. It is a disgrace for the whole nation how probably, the State prosecutors and the Courts have teamed up to fool Ghanaians or deny Mother Ghana justice.

Woyome is a thief by my estimation whether you like it or not. I have consequently pronounced him guilty based on his own confessions as stated in paragraph three above. I am not pre-empting the Court’s verdict but declaring Woyome guilty. He is. Isn’t he?

The NDC government and party have a hand in Woyome’s fraud hence, collusively arranging for the slow pace its hearing has assumed in the hope that the case will be quashed as long as the NDC remains in government.

Barton-Oduro is proven to be embroiled in the case. He facilitated payment of the money to Woyome and this thief is still in government as Deputy Speaker or whatever, of the Parliament. How much was the share of Betty Mould-Iddrisu in the money fraudulently and collusively paid out to Alfred Agbesi Woyome? Do you want me to tell you?

Woyome, you had better start talking, mentioning all those involved in the thievery you inflicted on the Ghanaian tax payers. Very soon, they will all escape abroad with their booty to leave you alone to suffer the consequences of robbing the coffers of the country in a broad daylight.

I will publish every detail I know about the unnecessary pressure you put on (name withheld) and how he drove you out of his office like a chicken when you presented your forged documents to his ministry for the payment of the GHC51.2 Million.

Forward ever backwards never. Onward Christian soldiers, Marching as to war, With the Cross of Jesus Going on before…

Rockson Adofo