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Opinions of Monday, 17 August 2015

Columnist: Aidoo, Prince

Are some pastors raping young girls and boy´s in the church?

It is on records that, there are some irresponsible Pastors claiming that, they were called by God into the ministry. Yes, when they entered into the ministry, they were forced to believe and follow false doctrines which cannot be found anywhere in the Holy Bible stating that: “Any Pastor who will like to become a minister and to preach the Gospel should be married to God and not get married to any woman on this universe. (I stand to be corrected). They took this oath of allegiance in good faith to get married to God only and will not like to get married to a woman that is made out of the soil nor even touch the garment of a woman in their life-time. But knowingly or unknowingly, when they were taking such an oath, they perhaps forgot that, they were made out of the same soil made by God and they became human beings with human feeling. Today, they are showing their true colours of the wolves skin they have covered themselves. They cannot hold their sexual desires anymore and the only way out is to have sex with innocent young girls and boys likewise among themselves in the parish. They do so to quench their sexual thirst. Why should they do this to these little children in the name of God they have promised to marry?

Yes, it is not only that they are raping these innocent little girls and boys behind close doors in the Church that hurts. The most dangerous and annoying part is that, they have forgotten the trauma especially these little girls will have to go through in their lives. These are the people who have no shame to support the legalisation of Homosexuality. They practice Homosexuality in the parish and have sex with the Sisters. They do all these wicked things in the Name of God despite they have sworn an oath not to marry a woman made out of the soil. Those who are known to be supporting this act of wickedness are those seen in the higher positions in the Churches, Magistrates, Lawyers, Clergy, House of Commons, Cabinet ministers, Congress and Parliamentarians. They have to hide themselves behind this evil acts by passing this Homosexual laws in their countries. These are those who introduced what we call “Human Rights”. They are of the opinion that, a pastor or any human being has his/her unreserved right to have sex with a human being or with any animal of his/her her choice. They will be passing the next sexual and marriage relationship between the “Animals and Human beings” that God has created in the coming years and force the poor Africans to accept it because they regard the Africans to be still their slaves in tranquillity. My question to Passionate pastors who are listening to me is that, what do you think about what these wicked people are trying to teaching our Children?

Their time is up. This revelation is a testimony to the establishment of the "United Christian Platform". It is a professional Platform that is ready to examine such acts closely both in the Spiritual perspective and also in the physical, and see where the problem of these wicked and irresponsible people calling themselves Men of God are coming from. Stay tune. You can follow him on Face book.

Rev. Prince Aidoo.
„Rev. Prince Aidoo“