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Opinions of Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Columnist: Ahmed Abubakar Saddique

Are political positions personal possessions?

We have on several occassions seen in this country how people have abused the will of the people. They have messed up, tortured and made people's lives very miserable just because of the political positions they occupy.

Now, they are not in power. Now, they either not the president, minister, Mp, MCE/DCE, Chief Director and what have you. Others have taken over. Decisions are taken by these new people which is binding on them . You have no option than to abide. Sometimes, things that legitimately belong to the former is denied them. But, do you think you will be in office till thy Kingdom come?

The answer is an obvious NO.

When you are in office, you are supposed to know that, you are there because of the people. You are the representative of the people but not your political party. So, you must not think that, during your time, all those who will get appointment in the government sector must be only from your party.

So,what are you who is holding political position now thinking? Are you going to lay down systems that will go along way to favour you even after you have left office? Are you going to change the status quo such that,when you are out of power people will hail you and say you were such a different person?

Whatever you do whiles in office is there for posterity to judge you. The youth will be living testimony of your leadership. So, please, remember that, certainly, political positions are not personal possessions. And also remember that, the names of great men are not written on walls but in the hearts of men .

God bless you God bless our homeland Ghana.