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Opinions of Friday, 24 January 2014

Columnist: Wuni, Ras Iddi

Are The Security Agencies In Bawku Feeding On Cow Milk?

Bawku has been peaceful since 2009 to date despite the unfortunate killings of some innocent people in recent times by some criminals and there is no doubt in my mind that the good people of Bawku are peaceful people. They want to coexist peacefully and enjoy their fundamental rights, and we must applaud them for their resolve to live in peace.

But can we continue to have peace when the security agencies are not willing to provide security for the people to celebrate the culture and tradition? What then is peace when the people live in fear? When the security agencies cannot protect the people but rather provoke them?

In my view, part of the problem the people of Bawku face today which is a threat to peace in the Municipality is the behavior and attitude of the security agencies in Bawku as well as behind the scene political forces who are much concern in using deliberate efforts to marginalize other ethnic groups. We must all understand that social exclusion is a threat to peaceful coexistence in Bawku especially between the Mamprusis and the Kusasis and we must all (the citizens of Bawku, the Government, Civil societies, the ethnic groups, the security agencies, politicians, etc) ensure that no ethnic group in Bawku is marginalize in any way for any reason. It's a dangerous concept for anyone to practice. Therefore, any attempt to disadvantage and relegate a section of the society or any particular ethnic group in Bawku, would be considered by those affected as a legitimate reason to act lawless in order to be accepted. Is that what we want?

This reminds me of the challenges and unnecessary ordeal the Mamprusis in Bawku always go through just to celebrate their Damba festival. And even so after going through all that they are denied their fundamental right to celebrate their heritage. Why must it be so? Why must the security agencies and those behind the scene political forces always want to provoke the Mamprusis, create tension and violent and then turn around to say they are keeping peace. What kind of behavior or attitude is this? Why does the security agencies always want to make thing difficult for everyone in Bawku?

Honestly, i just can't understand why is it that anytime the Mamprusis want to celebrate their annual Damba festival the security agencies also always say they cannot do so because of security reasons. This unfortunate behavior of the security agencies started since 2009.

If the security agencies can provide security for my Kusasi brothers and sisters to celebrate their Samanpiid festival, why then can't they provide security for my Mamprusi brothers and sisters to also celebrate their Damba festival? Is it that the security agencies feeds on cow milk? What are these security reasons they always say? Are the Mamprusis going to fight the Kusasis while celebrating their Damba festival? Or is it that the Kusasis intend to fight the Mamprusis on the day the Mamprusis are happy and busy celebrating their cultural heritage? Whichever one it is the good people of Bawku need to know. The people of Bawku are fed up with this type of "cow milk" excuses. The security must learn to always give proof to support their reasons.

Since the deliberate shooting and killings of innocent people began in Bawku, have the security agencies been able to apprehend the killers? They are not interested in that but rather interested in being part of a deliberate shameless scheme to provoke, intimidate, terrorize, and prevent people from observing their heritage.

We must all understand that it's easy to spark violence but it's not easy at all to stop it. We must therefore always avoid situations that could provoke the people and spark violence.

May God continue to bless the good people of Bawku with peace and understanding.

Iddi Wuni, Jnr.