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Opinions of Thursday, 30 June 2011

Columnist: Danesi, Ismail A

Are Our Problems Due To Mental Slavery?

My dear brothers and sisters, I was watching the news this week and saw our Lawyers and Judges and the way they were dressed. It reminded me of the way these people, that is Lawyers and Judges, also dress in the UK! This I believe is one of the reasons why we have not moved forward as a nation. I better explain this quickly since what I am trying to convey is; the fact that we have not moved forward because we are copying customs and traditions that are foreign to us, like our Democratic System, a carbon copy of the system in the UK even though we have different cultures and traditions with them; and foreign religions!

Our Lawyers and Judges should not still be dressed the way our old Colonial Masters dress in their Courts. We should replace those hideous wigs with our traditional Caps and Hats! Next time you guys watch American Court scenes, observe and see if they wear that stupid stuff on their heads! You would never believe that the USA was a former Colony of Great Britain and that is what we should be doing; finding our own identities in Africa because if we do not know who we are, we will never move forward!

We should not speak English in our Houses of Parliament. We must employ translators to translate all the languages of the members of both Houses in order to sever this invincible umbilical cord that still exists between our country and our old colonial masters! We need to start moving forward and do things our way, like building our own motor cars, computers, and rockets, instead of listening to the peoples that speak with fork tongues! Computer scientists were gathered at a three-day symposium in Teheran, that is Iran, and I was disappointed that we did not have representatives at the event! We need our own technology instead of wasting money on foreign purchases of technological equipment. We have universities and we must invest in our universities in order to produce our own technologists and engineers! Most importantly, we need to free ourselves from our mental slavery! Another point worth nothing is the fact that our police officers are dressed in black! Any of you who have studied physics or still studying the subject will know from conclusive experiments that Dark Colours Retain Heat! That makes me wonder why we dress our Police Officers in Black Uniforms in Africa! Could this be inclusive of the World Bank or IMF Loans; Police Uniforms as part of the loans! Since the details of these loans are not made transparent, I cannot but conclude that the uniforms could be part of the loans. I am sure you have observed the uniforms of Police Officers in the United States of America; would I be wrong to say they are BLACK? In the summer, they change to white top but in the winter, they keep the complete black uniform. In Africa, come rain or shine, our officers are sweltering in their black uniforms! Knowledge should have told them that light colours are the colours in hot climate like ours! Why then do we allow our Policemen to dress in black in our hot climate? Could it be this is due to our possession of Mental Slavery; copying everything the former colonial masters and slavers do!

Another part of my brain is now asking me “If we like to copy what our masters do, why are we not copying the good things they do instead of accepting kickbacks to sign on to external loans; made to financially enslave us?” Sincerely, I am now thinking that these white folks have actually turned the table on us by using “Obia, Juju, and Witchcraft on us”! As weird as that may sound that is the only sort of excuse I can find to excused the ignorance of our leaders in the way they are managing us black Africans!

I have read somewhere on SIL that we may have been cursed by God. Someone has also told me in the past that we are the off-springs of Cain hence that is why we are being punished for what he did to Abel! People are coming with all these conspiracy theories because they just cannot believe that a continent that is the richest of all the continents is the one that harbours the poorest peoples in the world; WHY? Is it our destiny because of what Cain did to Abel; or is it that our politicians are educated illiterates who do not understand the meaning of leadership?

Leadership is about showing the way; it is about being imaginative and visionary; it is about picking good ideas from different sources even if those ideas come from your worst enemy. A good leader does that because of the love he/she has for the peoples, overriding their own ego! We have no natural leaders anymore in the world due to the system of alliances now running the New World Order! Those outside of the system are being vilified all the time; stigmatised as terrorists; dictators; and Human Rights abusers, while they are doing worst things like bombing innocent peoples, destroying nations infrastructures and issuing warrants from the ICC! Collective leadership is what they have today and some of our leaders are a junior part of it; on the peripherals due to the lure of the dollar bills!

What I sincerely believe we need now is a leader that WILL TELL the Imperialists that if they want to sell cars in Africa, “YOU MUST BUILD CAR PLANTS IN AFRICA”, so that we can recycle the expired vehicles and get our peoples working! A leader that MUST tell them that we do not want to be the recipient of their toxics waste any longer! That they should come and build factories here so that we are able to recycle the consumer wastes we import from them! This is going to be difficult for a CIVILIAN Leader hence I am advocating for a MILITARY LEADER to guide us through the changes we need to grow our Nation and the rest of Africa can take our lead!

Author: Ismail Danesi E-mail: Say, what do you think?