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Opinions of Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Are Ghanaians Held Hostages In Their Own Land?

The situation in which Ghanaians find themselves for the past few years raises a cause for concern. Less than 1% of the population, especially those in government, those in positions of responsibility, and some political party gurus, are indirectly, but honestly, holding Ghanaians in socio-politico-economic captivity. Ghana as we speak is in economic abeyance. However, the clueless government in place with her paid agents and assigns would have Ghanaians believe otherwise.

By the on-going observational acts of harassments, intimidations, issuance of threats and physical assaults on some outspoken Ghanaians who detest the current trend of affairs in Ghana, one can conclusively without fear and without favour declare that Ghanaians are currently under siege. Any “little fish”, courtesy to one William Chinogureyi, that raises an objection to the weapons of financial and human destruction being wielded by the powerful ones in the political arena in tandem with their affiliates, will not go scot free, but be dealt with according as pleases the power-that-be.

In Ghana today, truth has been subdued, conquered by lies. Right from the President of the Republic through to the traditional heads, those seemingly bestowed with power, are almost all liars, corrupt and hesitate not, to having their own way; thereby resorting to committing acts of crime with impunity.

Administration of selective justice do they connive with certain irresponsible “administrators of the law” to use as an implement of suppression against the suffering poor masses. They compel the less fortunate Ghanaians to succumb in prostration to their wishes and commands. Those who overtly opt to challenge their injustices directed at oppressing the majority of Ghanaians to yield in to their acts of suppression and thievery, always find themselves directly in their firing trajectory.

As I write, the life of Honourable Akompreko Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, wrongly tagged as the NPP firebrand, is in danger. It has been all over the airwaves how some people, allegedly including former Chief of Staff during former President Kufuor’s NPP regime, Hon. Kwadwo Mpianim, are arranging for his assassination, using contract killers. It is also understood that some sympathisers of Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the Ghanaian swindler of the Century, have placed Kennedy on their hit list. They are doing this all because their nefarious activities committed under the cover of darkness are being exposed in broad daylight by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong. They find the exposure of their crimes against the State and humanity disgracing and very unbearable, hence their unrelenting determination to eliminate him by tasking some heartless rogues, to implement their homicidal agenda.

Ms Afua Pokuaah, alias Vim Lady of Adom FM radio station, Accra, has mercilessly been attacked by some “nutter”. The person who assaulted her finds her radio programmes disseminated in truthfulness with boldness all too difficult to withstand. He finds the truth too bitter a concoction to swallow. He attacked her with the aim of shutting the mouth of Afua from taking the dubious persons in society charged with responsibilities to task or from exposing their intentional commitment of crimes against the State and against Ghanaians. The guy finds Afua’s truthfulness very hurting; although it will culminate in comfort to most discerning Ghanaians in the end.

In many cases, those apprehended or reported for perpetrating crimes, assaults etc., against the State and fellow Ghanaians are left free to wander around the streets of Ghana. By this seeming collusion with the officers of the law and the courts to set criminals free, why would the criminals not be emboldened to persist in their crimes against their innocent compatriots?

The more people are intimidated, assaulted or threatened, the more they will be frightened off to keep their silence, allowing the thieves entrusted with power to inflict untold damage on Ghana.

Ghanaians should rally in their numbers to confront the criminals, be they in government or out of government, to stop their unrestrained propensity to inflict physical, moral and psychological pain on innocent people.

I hope the world leaders, interested world organizations with Human rights bodies inclusive, will monitor the simmering insecurity that has the potential to escalate into political upheaval in the country.

Public funds are being embezzled with impunity by those in government whose positions are propped by their rented intimidators who will not spare a second in executing their paymaster’s order to them to carry out any crime whatsoever. Are Ghanaians safe in their own land if not being held hostages to keep their silence? Whoever objects to, or raises an alarm about, the deplorable behaviours of our men and women in positions of responsibility is a walking dead person.

Ghanaians, arise to unite to fight the canker of intimidation, selective justice, official thievery, contract killing, etc. that are unfolding as if the Pandora box is opened. Until we do that, the few those with power in their hands, abusing their positions, will never stop oppressing the entire suffering Ghanaian population.

Do we sit on our backside while Kennedy Agyapong is threatened with death by not only contract killers from Woyome’s side, but also, from Kwadwo Mpianim’s? In unity we shall overcome the oppressors’ rule, regardless of how poor we are. Strength lies in unity; the suffering masses congregating in their large numbers to fight for a common goal. Let us take the criminals head-on, similarly as we take the bull by the horn, and victory shall be ours.

I stand solidly by all those involved in an honest fight to liberate Ghana from the hands of the criminals in power. I stand by Kennedy Agyapong, Afua Pokuaah and the entire suffering Ghanaian masses desirous to see a change for the better in Ghana.

Forward ever, backward never!

Rockson Adofo