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Opinions of Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Are Ghanaian Deities on Endless Annual Leave?

? ? Since 9 December 2012, after the 7/8 December 2012 parliamentary and presidential elections, I understand how endlessly the various Ghanaian deities have been invoked for a reason or the other. For all this while, the invokers’ aspirations to have the deities punish the intended persons or targets have not materialised. Does it mean the invokers have no genuine reason as per the spiritual interpretations by the deities to invoke them in the first place or they, the deities, are on recess, permanently asleep or are enjoying long Summer holidays in the spiritual world? Additionally, are they not powerful any longer unlike in the olden days where they were dreaded and alleged to give results quickly? ? ? Some people are perceived to have stolen election 2012 and continue to. People wanted to know if truly the alleged persons did rig the elections by calling on some renowned deities to prove them right or wrong. Since then, the perception of committal of injustices resulting in invoking the deities continue unabated. Nevertheless, the deities have done nothing to stop them. I hope unlike human beings, they do not accept bribes to have their decisions compromised as the invokers believe. ? ? The incident of the sort of the last straw that broke the camel’s back occurred on Thursday, 29 August 2013. The nine-judges panel appointed to try Election 2012 case lodged in the Ghana Supreme Court has come out with a verdict that has set people scratching their head. Many an intelligent Ghanaian is asking him or herself, how come? They do not believe the truthfulness of the verdict one bit. They think some of the judges have been influenced by acceptance of bribe to come out with such a verdict to dismiss the petition contrary to the public’s sense of justice. ? ? Following the judgment that many suspect to have been done in bad faith, the deities are being invoked unprecedentedly. Can they confirm the authenticity or the erroneousness of the verdict? How will they do it and when? People are putting them to various tests. Will the invokers or the deities themselves be found not to living up to expectation? It us up to both parties to prove their credibility. ? ? Are they incapable to sort out issues involving the top guns of the nation? Are they scared of them or their powers are not able to reach that height? I am just asking. How reliably can believers still count on them to exact justice? ? ? Rockson Adofo