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Opinions of Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Are Akans Suffering from Psychological Electioneering Complexities?

The Akans, the largest tribe in Ghana, have come under a strong psychological spell since the Mills/Mahama cum Mahama/Arthur Amissah-led administration. The spell has the potency to cause eventual doom to them unless they take immediate measures to reverse its adverse effects. The urgency to address the situation cannot be overstated.

I am neither being a tribalist nor sentimental. I am only expressing a candid opinion on how the Akans have unintentionally but very unfortunately, fallen victims to the deliberate trickeries in operation by the NDC. This psychological ploy is meant to render them weak, if not useless or fool. How can they rid themselves of that methodically ruinous psychology the NDC government and party have employed to hold them down? The answer is very simple although, not that very simple to simplistic persons.

Let me hit the nail right in the head, as I am getting sick and tired of going in circles. President Mahama is vigorously campaigning in the northern part of Ghana, where he is a native. His message to them is very simple, - Now is your turn to have one of your own sons of the northern soil as president of Ghana. Make the dream come true by voting for me en masse. Opportunity knocks but once. You may not have this kind of opportunity again if you let this particular one slip through your fingers. President Mills once used a similar slogan of "Adze wo fie a oye" and it worked for him.

What will happen if Nana Akuffo-Addo goes to the Akans and delivers a similar message? The other minority tribes, e.g. Ewes, and some Akans will certainly condemn him to the gallows for uttering a blasphemy. The NDC government, predominantly controlled by the Ewes, have a positive discriminatory policy in place against the Ashantis. Even though the Akans, especially the Ashantis, are the economic giants of Ghana, they have unconsciously succumbed to the cunning ploys by the NDC government to reduce them to rubbles. It is a fact how the NDC government and party have denied Ashantis public sector jobs, singled out their region for neglect or denial of government projects.

If President Mahama can freely request and garner more votes in the north on simply emphasising on his roots, typical tribalism (being the Son of the soil), what stops Nana Addo from doing it in the Akanland? Will the other tribes not work on the minds of some little-minded Akans to lash out at Nana Addo and the NPP, accusing them of doing tribal politics? Do the Akans not realise that the NDC, claiming to have come into existence through the grouping of minority tribes, taking them for granted, by playing on their collective intelligence to render them weak? Do the Akans not understand the truthfulness of the adage, "What is good for the goose is also good for the gander?"

The NDC are acting smart, working on the sentiments and ignorance of many a Ghanaian to hold the majority tribe at bay. Are we that stupid? Cannot we see when someone is taking us for fools? Cannot we read between the thin lines the intentions of those we associate with on daily basis? We need a level playing field to do politics in Ghana. Much as I would not expect Nana Addo to cite tribal inclinations on his campaign trails but discuss issues and policies, I would require caretaker-President Mahama to be mindful of his tribal accentuations. Should Mahama do differently to place himself in a more favourable position, why cannot Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo do as him?

Akans should be wise to live above reproach. For how long will you sit back while others play on your intelligence and emotions in their devious attempts to hold you down?

To my knowledge, President Mahama has benefitted from free education by which, he has acquired his current knowledge and intelligence to become the caretaker-President of Ghana, to rule you and I. He has acquired immense wealth, although, a greater part fraudulently, I suppose. This same person comes round to tell you free education is not feasible in Ghana. He says Ghana will only be able to implement universal free SHS education in twenty years time. By twenty years time, those currently enjoying free education will have monopolised the best job positions in Ghana, I should think. The majority tribe will then be marginalised for good in terms of job opportunities, political and economic power. Higher education knowledge speaks louder in the contemporary world we live in.

Any cocoa farmer, or farmer, irrespective of their tribe that buys into the President's reasons for withholding free education from others is to me a miserable creature devoid of common sense.

I leave it to you to decide what to do with your vote on December 7, 2012. I will advise you to be realistic with issues and be tangible with reasoning before you cast your vote. Vote for personal progress and national development by casting your vote for Nana Akuffo-Addo and the NPP. The free Senior High School (SHS) education will open up your eyes, brains and ears to see, think and hear intelligibly. If you choose Dramani Mahama, you have chosen to stay a fool where there will be continuous perpetration of official corruption but less money available for nation and economic development.

I shall come back again. Stay tuned to drink from the ever-overflowing intelligence and wisdom of Rockso, the fearless son of Kumawu soil. Also, tune in to Sources radio UK -FM 96.3.

Rockson Adofo