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Opinions of Monday, 23 September 2013

Columnist: Hillia, Small

Appreciation To Hon. Alhaji Amidu Amin Suleman

Good morning, invited guess, chiefs, opinion leaders, honorable members present, media men present, fellow Young Democrats, brothers and sisters. We are overwhelmed by your gargantuan attendance despite your busy schedule and short notice. We are very sorry for the short notice. We grateful for your commitment and dedication to this urgent call. We are also pleased with your response and attendance, more grease to your elbows. Our elder’s say, ‘a toad does not run in the day time for nothing’. We gathered here happily with handsome and beautiful smiles show our podium have a future. We in the Young Democrats uphold the vision of honesty and truthfulness. We have what it takes to make things right set the records straight. We always say it as it, thus, why we speak with one voice and tone. We have to stand up and fight for our right and integrity as once said by the legendary Bob Nester Marley. We must preserve and protect our integrity and chastity as Young Democrats from the noble land. We have come to realize some bad nuts amongst us who use our hard fought name to discredit our podium. We young democrats respect our podium very much and hence won’t use our platform to chastise or deform any personality. We therefore regret the current and recent publication about Hon. Alhaji Amidu Amin Suleman by so call members of this podium. These so call Dimmah Osman is not known to be member of this August podium of Young Democrats. It is unfortunate and sad that such unwarranted and unguided publication to discredit and deform the hard fought and toil integrity and personality of Hon. MP and Minister. We plead for the Hon. Minister to forgive and forget. Since these are some of the distracters and enemies who hated progress and development since their inception. We are therefore stating categorically and emphatically that the said Dimmah Osman is not a Young Democrat and should better desist from using our hard fought and thought name from such mischievous and caricature publications. Such a character and name is never found in the database of Young Democrats Sissala Land. No wonder he used 'Concerned Democrats and Young Democrats'. If you think you are bold, sincere and loyal member of Young Democrat, reveal your real and true identity. We formally apologize for the pain and inconvenience that have be grief your personality and integrity.
Fellow comrades, Honorable members, invited guests and all gathered here, this is the time we must fight for our integrity and dignity as Young Democrats. Hon Alhaji Amidu Amin Suleman was once an active student member of such important podiums and knows the rudiment of our platform. He understands Ghanaian Politics and needs. This gentleman was one of the brains behind youth participation in now a day’s politics which is unprecedented. He fought hard for us and he is still fighting hard for us. He is the engine behind Young Democrats in the Sissala Land. He is one of the most inspirational, motivational role models that most Young Democrats look up to .He is the power and magic behind Young Democrats. He has helped Young Democrats in diverse ways. Hon. you are indeed a real Politician and mentor. You have also helped established more youth to gain employment, sponsorship, guidance and et el. Hon. Alhaji, this good works of yours always leads you to where ever you go. That’s why you are an indispensable tool in every field of your endeavor and career, be it in politics and academia. You have a good moral, social and physical reputation and standing everywhere you’ve served. You can be the next chief Imam or saint in our generation. No wonder you are always condescending in any field you find your humble self. You are gentle, principled, knowledgeable, critical, handsome, hardworking, smart, charismatic and discipline. Hon. since your appointment as Minister of Roads and Highways, most road projects in the country are undergoing speeding construction and supervision, thus a plus on your leadership and political career.
Hon, we know and have seen the gargantuan number of persons you have helped in diverse ways be it employment, financial assistance, moral guidance and social support. We want you to continue these gestures of goodness and Godliness. We also wish to express our sincere gratitude for helping some members of Young Democrats and still need your support to help some more who also needs means of livelihood. You have always been doing it and we know with God by our side you will overcome it. Hon Alhaji, no wonder you are the spices in the stews of Sissala’s. You have always championed the calls of Sissala’s. We really needs and wants your leadership styles and skills. That’s why you are the ‘MOHAMMED ‘of our time. You always stand tick and tall in the politics of our land. We adore, love and truly respect you. Once again, we thank His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama for appointing you as Minister of Roads . Thank you, the most handsome and first gentleman of our land. You are indeed the ‘AHOBRASEE HENE’, ‘NTOBOASEE HENE’ and ‘JOSHUA’ of our generation. These names merit you. We love you and would always pray for Gods mercies and blessings on you. Mr. President, you have really heard our call and need for development. We plead if you can hear this call of ours, we wish if some charismatic and youthful leaders like Hon. Alban S. Bagbin, Hon. Benjamin Kumbour, Hon. Suleman Alijata and et el can be added to Hon.Alhaji Amidu Amin Suleman to speed up developmental projects, build Ghana Better and meet the needs and demands of Ghanaians. These political demargots inspires the youth and post as role models and mentors to most of us Young Democrats. We therefore beg with honesty and sincerity for their inclusion in your Ministerial Caucus. We know you are a listening and hearing President.
Comrades!!!!, comrades!!!, comrades gathered here this morning lets all continue to pray without seizing and stopping for Gods Mercies, blessings, protection, direction and guidance on the finest and most handsome gentleman, His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama and the most adorable, approachable, lovely and dependable Member of Parliament for Sissala West and Minister of Roads and Highways, Hon. Alhaji Amidu Amin Suleman. We know with God we will transform Ghana to meet the needs and demands of Ghanaians. We love you all and may the good GOD fulfill your heart desires for forfeiting other important duties and responsibilities. Thank you.
Young Democrats, Together we will build a Better Ghana.

Written by: Small Hillia, Convener, Young Democrats of Sissala Land,
Cell: 0508806069