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Opinions of Thursday, 30 March 2017

Columnist: Ananpansah, Isaac

Apathy likely to plague UG SRC elections

By: Ananpansah, Isaac

A quick glance at the premier university reveals a very serene and decorum environment.As lecturers, students and all concerned individuals of this academic discourse community are carrying out their normal activities with alacrity and integrity.

However,amidst this cozy environment is a ground breaking looming elections hanging on the neck of the university community.

Indeed,in every civilized modern democratic palace, elections are an integral part of society. In fact,elections give the ruled the opportunity to speak to power in the form of exercising their franchise.

As expected,events culminating into the D-day of elections are often charged with vigorous campaigning and the usual politicking.

Well,barley some few days to the keenly contested University of Ghana Student Representative Council (UG-SRC) election,students and others that matter in the upcoming vote casting exercise seem to be building some lukewarm attitude to events in the run up to the all important elections.

This situation baffles many and leave them in absolute wonder as "flabberwhelming" events continuously unfold in the lead up to this year' s elections with special recalls to preceding one's.

In years past,students and all stakeholders that matters in SRC elections on campus were politically motivated beyond reasonably doubts and are actively involved from the sound of the whistle to the finish line.

The question then remains:What has caused this irreconcilable rift which can lead to incurable student voter apathy. Well, the answers are not far fetched. The general perception that is raining in the minds and emotions of students is that,SRC election in this university is merely an avenue for elected persons to scandalously loot monies allotted to the coffers of the SRC.

Some students have also conceived that,it's a platform for the elected to satisfy their selfish whims and caprices and an entry point in national politics where they would display a high sense of corruption as previous SRC regimes have fully satisfied their heinous desire rather than representing the thoughts, feelings of the general concerns of students. It's about serving their masters at the top and not students. In fact, it's widely perceived that students are sponsored by politicians and hence are rendered useless in fighting for the ordinary student.

Indeed,the credence of such perceptions as revealed can be discerned from previous and current SRC regimes...Such regimes have left indelible footprints on the mind's of students,as they have heaped on themselves incurable allegations of raging corruption such as that of Fobi's administration where students were compelled to pay for the purchase of a generator which has now become a norm for every fresher to pay an amount Gh¢100 CEDI's.

Even though,the Esinam - Dompreh led administration made a political promise to vigorous review the brouhaha behind the generator issue, students are still waiting for the lip service talk to be fulfilled.Lest I forget,the recent SRC week celebration which has confirmed the indirect looming of corrupt malpractices in the Esinam - Dompreh led regime.

This notwithstanding,the embattled Kumi and Boadi saga seem to be whipping up the interest of students and the local media at large .

But this doesn't seem to be helping the situation as the political tempos in general appears pathetically blotched with apathy and less to be desired considering previous electioneering fever especially, coming from the once enthusiastic students of the 7th best university in the entire African continent and the best university in west African.

Indeed, It is quite obvious that, issues that have enshrined this elections on the university of Ghana campus can crept into our national political domain.Where politician will always leverage on their sugarcoated words to get them into the reigns of power instead of working the talk.

In fact,one thing is becoming clear...Thus,It's high time, politicians both at the national level and student level,as well as people holding positions of trust put the people who empower them first and at the center of their hearts and not playing on the intelligence of the ordinary citizenry. If extra vigilance is not taking into cognizance,the old adage which says that Democracy is not  meant for African but rather ruling through the barrel of the gun will manifest itself.

May God bless us all.

Ananpansah Isaac University of Ghana, Legon