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Opinions of Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Columnist: Daily Guide Network

Anniversary of blunders

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Ghana’s 59th independence anniversary is as jinxed as the country’s governance. Indeed, it is a mirror of the state of affairs in the country – confused and in a state of disturbing flux.

It is regrettable and puzzling that what should have been a moment of excitement for us has rather provided a subject for scathing and ridiculing commentaries in Kenyatta’s Kenya.

As for one of Kenya’s leading newspapers, Daily Nation, it was not one of those dry days when editorial conferences struggle to arrive at editorial subjects.

Ghana’s national goofs came in handy. The editorial guillotine quickly went into action as though already waiting for a faux pas from a country which loves to present herself as the star of Africa. They did so with unusual gusto.

Although exempt from the unwritten codes of diplomacy, we would have expected the newspaper to exhibit a gentlemanly decorum and even circumspection. They took us to the cleaners in a manner which brought to the fore their new impression about the country we call home.

Imagine the new impression the millions of Kenyans and others who frequent that country as tourists would have about us.

Never have we had such a terrible celebration. From the sardine grade packing of journalists into the bucket of a tipper truck to the error-riddled brochure on the programme, not forgetting the buck passing brouhaha following it, an assortment of negative headlines has not been in short supply.

Enter the Kenyan Daily Nation’s scathing reportage about Ghana, first-hand information from their reporters who accompanied their president to the event, not gainsaying. We are saddened that Kenya would find our predicament a mitigating mixture to treat her embarrassing treatment at the hands of Al Shabab militants.

We cannot take issues with the Kenyans, come to think of it. After all, they came, they saw and they reported. Period!

Which media establishment worth its salt would not find the farce about our independence anniversary a worthwhile topic to expend ink on?

On that score therefore, we salute our colleagues in the matata country for their news judgment. They have showed that they would not take it lightly if we in Ghana decide to swap our president with theirs. They made an interesting mockery about the goof which made their president Ghana’s.

If our proofreading is suspect, not so the Kenyans’ who have followed with eagle’s eyes the blundered brochure and the quality-deficient apology from an organization which appears not to have been responsible for the embarrassment, yet it would appear was under the circumstances constrained to accept responsibility for it.

That was up to a point anyway. Shortly after the apology of sorts, issues cropped up which compelled readers to review their impression and continue following the developing story. Do you see why we assert that our 59th independence anniversary has been one without parallel even as we throw feeble blows at our Kenyan colleagues?

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