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Opinions of Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Columnist: Naab, Francis Zana

Hello Ghana!

Back from my self-imposed exile. Whilst in exile I saw a lot of "us"complaining. We've voted, some of us chose His Excellency John Dramani Mahama to lead the nation barring any Supreme Court acrobatics.

Are we all going to sit and complain?

What happened to finding solutions on our own?

Does the problems facing the nation get solved if all we do is to sit and complain?

Do we always have to find ourselves in opposition before we know how to solve Ghana's headache?

Do we really have to take up the mantle of leadership before we really implement our brilliant ideas?

Funny how people oppose anything just because they are in "opposition" and hence all they know how to do is to oppose.

Things have not been as we expected them to be yet we do not have to despair, this is our time of greatest need and a true son/daughter of Ghana will not just glue his/her butts to a seat and complain.

To change and move Ghana forward we all need to come together as a nation, find alternative and exciting solutions to our problems. Yes We Can…. It is in us to change the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian citizen!

Ghana produces engineers who only know how to engineer money into their pockets. The engineering students always complain but the moment they join the corporate world they try to act exactly in the same way and manner as their predecessors. Talk of the Political Science students and it is the same! They shout and wail "our politicians are corrupt" but the moment they become Politicians they turn into what they've always preached against.

Talk about the Historian and he can recount the history of all the gargantuan spending governments have made but would be the same person looting state funds The Accountant would prefer to add another zero in order to get his share and the contractors would always find a way of inflating figures to get his 10%The Hospital gateman even in the unnatural circumstances finds a way of getting something before opening the door…

If we really want Ghana to develop then let's stop complaining and start being the pace setters and the change makers. Let us truly support the government irrespective of our political affiliations and be the beacon of Hope that Africa really desires. We ve come a long way to let the future of our great Nation be marred by selfish individuals

Immortality awaits us................ Let's go and make our own history by painting our own pictures.

Hello Ghana!

Francis Zana NAAB, Email: Tel.: +233(0)249353918