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Opinions of Thursday, 25 August 2016

Columnist: Mensah, Joshua

Analysis of contempt cases in recent years

Supreme Court Supreme Court

1) During the election petition case at the Supreme Court in 2013, Sammy Awuku was charged with contempt of court. He showed remorse and was pardoned.

2) Ken Kuranchie and Atubiga were also charged with similar case some days later. According to the Judges, Atubiga showed remorse but Ken Kuranchie didn’t show any remorse. They were both imprisoned for 10 days.

3) The next contemnors were Sir John (who was then the sitting general secretary of the NPP and a Lawyer by profession) and Hopeson Adorye. Sir John was quoted as saying the families of the Supreme Court judges should prepare to organized their (The S.C. Judges) funeral should the verdict didn’t favour the NPP.

They both showed remorse and were fined GHc 5,000 and 2000 respectively after signing a bond of good behavior for six months.

4) The “Montie 3” threatened the S.C. Judges with death (similar to what Sir John said). They showed remorse. But the Judges charged them with contempt of court, were each fined GHc 10,000 to be paid within 24 hours and were made to serve a prison term of 4 Months each.

The President of the Republic, exercise the constitutional provision of article 72 yesterday and granted them pardon.

Readers, serving a prison term for 1Month (27th July to 26 August) after paying a fine of GHc 10,000 within 24 hours, isn’t it enough punishment for this “Montie 3” guys?

Your comments are welcomed. Joshua Mensah, (23/8/16)