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Opinions of Friday, 19 August 2016

Columnist: Adu-Gyamfi, Kwaku

An outrageous obsession with ‘power’ in Ghana.

April 1st is long gone, but Ghanaians always live in April–fool days because we love to live in a fantasy world all the time; you’ll get it in a minute!

According to the story, a Swedish minster of Higher Education quits her post over drink-driving (nope, it’s not drunk –driving). The story goes on to say that the 29- year old female minster took a glass of wine when she attended a social gathering over the weekend. She wasn’t drunk; however she decided to drive home after relaxing for several hours. Unfortunately, she was pulled over and found with a blood-alcohol level of 0.2 per litre by the police; that was above the legal limit in Sweden.

Folks, 0.2 litre is less than a small glass of wine but, she’s quitting her ministerial post to “clear her conscience”—I beg your pardon! She might even end up spending six months in prison for that. Yes, you heard me right—it’s 0.2 gram per litre and slap of six months imprisonment. Hello, hello, is anyone listening?

Bring that to this side of the planet: Whether or not you’re in favor of ‘drink-driving’, the hidden truth is we are integrity-impaired and power addicted. Now, digest this for a while and bring your mind back to Ghanaian politicians and policy makers. Don’t stop there. Look at examination malpractices and the empty- promises practitioners. Let your mind do the calculations. Imagine for a second and come up with your own conclusions. Start from those who live on bribery and embezzlement and go all the way down the list.

Nope, I am not saying anything more about our hanky- panky lifestyle because it won’t make sense to an average Ghanaian. But that goes to show why things don’t work on this side of the Atlantic.

I’m sure we must be proud of our river bodies, accident –prone and pot-holed infected roads, cracked bridges, paint -deprived hospitals, poor- conditioned schools, books-deprived libraries and the entire education system. With the kind of mind- set we shouldn’t have any problem with our judicial system and other outdated social institutions.

We eat and drink politics so everything is moving on smoothly. In fact, we should be doing pretty well in the integrity department considering the number of churches and pastors we have in the country. Oh yeah, everything handed to this country by nature has been destroyed with impunity because we lack responsible citizenry that is integrity –impaired; with no sense of directions. The next generation is doomed—thanks in part to our ‘visionary’ community and national leaderships!

What‘s saddest to me is that there is double –standard when it comes to issues that are important to the country. Unfortunately, there are some in power (even those with small amount power on the local levels) who continue to lean on the comfortable mantle of political and tribal fanaticism to allow them to justify some of their policies (and behaviors).

Get the load of this one: Did you hear about the story of the supposedly two police officers who allegedly killed a man in the Afram plains and able to escape under police escort while been transported to koforidua? Who is not afraid when the people who are supposed to protect us from all evils are the perpetrators of crimes and murders?

Is one making an attempt to see this through the eyes of the ordinary Ghanaians? We can only hope that by the time the election rolls around we’ll be too fearful of our lives and personal security to even venture out of homes to go vote.

I am still laughing and beating my head over this story and other developments that are unfolding in Ghana because most readers won’t get the substance or significance of these stories nevertheless, they will give me a lot of flak. Yes in an election year the naysayers will come out of the woodwork against anyone (who speaks the truth and sees things critically) with characteristically ugly language.

The sad part is that there will be plenty of people who will continually allow themselves and their good causes to be hijacked by these politicians so as to sing the melodies of the day—oh Lordy! But, I am sure I’ll get over it after I take two aspirins before I go to bed.

Until we meet here again stay tuned. Be blessed, informed and educated.