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Opinions of Thursday, 16 May 2013

Columnist: Thompson, Kofi

An open letter to the editor of

Dear Editor,

I shall go straight to the point: Has the time not come for to moderate comments by readers on news stories and feature articles it publishes online?

The quoted obscenity below was posted on the comments web-page by someone who read my article used as a Ghanaweb comment yesterday (15/5/2013), entitled 'When Small-scale Gold Mining No Longer Is Small-scale':

"Akan Republic. Fuck Failed & Fake Ghana.

Author: INDEPENDENT STATE OF AKANLAND Posted: 2013-05-15 08:04:06

Akan people must go to the United Nations with Kofi Annan and announce the declaration of the independence of Akanland (Akan Republic). Upon the declaration of Akanland, Akan people will take their petroleum, gold, diamonds, bauxite and cocoa with them to the Akan Republic. DNA test will be taken on every person in the independent state of Akanland (Akan Republic) and the Akan Republic population would be 99.8% Ethnic Akan population only. No Ewes and No other Fucking Ethnic group in Africa would be allowed to live in the sovereign state of Akanland and the Akan Republic.

The Akan people and all the patriotic Akan men must take up GUNS and go on SHOOTING rampage to SHOOT any Ewe people, Nigerian people, Chinese people, Politicians and any non-Akan people insight on the AKAN TERRITORY'S including "John Dramani Mahama" must be SHOT to Death or BOMBED to Death by any patriotic Akan or all the patriotic Akan people for the Independence of the AKAN REPUBLIC and begin from Wednesday 15 May 2013.

The declaration of the AKAN REPUBLIC must be announced before December 2013..... The time is fast running out for the failed and fake state Ghana.....Ghana has NO Security and NO Government and Fake President.....Ghana is Lawless and Ungoverned.

The Akan people must go to the United Nations with Kofi Annan and declare the Independence of the AKAN REPUBLIC before its too late....Time is running out." End of quoted comment.

Surely, has a responsibility to ensure that such disgraceful and outrageous fare - clearly seditious - never appears on what is one of the most reputable Ghana-focused websites online?

Please take immediate steps to ensure that such monstrosities do not appear on again.

Above all, notify the security agencies in Ghana and the United States of America - so that they can collaborate to trace the computer that was used by the writer, and its location.

Whoever wrote that monstrosity must be arrested, prosecuted and jailed - whichever part of the world that misanthrope lives in.

We must not encourage unhinged individuals with antediluvian mindsets to spread tribalism and hatred online on Ghana-focused websites.

I am a Ghanaian of Akan extraction myself - and I am sure I speak for a majority of Akans, when I say that I disassociate myself from this uncouth Hitlerite-abomination.

Yours in the service of Ghana,