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Opinions of Thursday, 4 April 2019

Columnist: Ampem Nketiah Wereko

An open letter to the Asante Akyem South Member Of Parliament

I am compelled to write to you this letter to express my opinion on your performance as our representative in parliament, to assess you of your actions and reflect on the current state of our constituency.

I am a Ghanaian, a resident of Atwedie in the Asante Akyem South Municipality, and I have interest in the affairs of our dear constituency. I am writing this letter based on the powers that enshrined in our constitution to give every citizen the freedom of speech and expression.

Also, the principle of participatory democracy necessitates that citizens hold their political leaders accountable in relation to their performance. This is basically the reason why I am writing this open letter, outlining my reason for disquietude, which majority of the electorates in the constituency are also concern with.

I appreciate your reserved nature as well as the little development you brought to Asante Akyem South together with the MCE but I think it is not enough per what was given to by your people and what you’ve delivered.

There is a saying that “to him much is given much is expected from him” and so you can do better. I am in-computably disappointed by your performance as Member of Parliament which I find very appalling because you have shown little interest in addressing your constituent and their needs.

If I am to rate you, I would rate you under 35% score mark which automatically earns you an E and could have given you the chance to re-sit but it is fortunate on your part to have decided not to run for the third time and it is also unfortunate on our part not to give you the chance to run for the third time even if you had that in mind which you do not.

I am aware that the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo is delivering on his promises such as the Free SHS, Planting for Food And Jobs, One District-One Factory, NABCO, exiting from the IMF, passing of the RTI Bill into RTI Act and a lot to be mentioned but as an MP you are not making the good intentions of our President known in the Constituency.

Your colleague MP’s are taking the advantage of these social intervention programs to help develop their constituencies and you are just quiet sitting down with your two hands in between your legs to the detriment of your people. They trusted and knew you cannot deceive them and as such voted in their numbers for you. It is not surprising that for barely 7 years now, they’ve not seen you doing much to champion the course you promised them.

Hon. Asante-Boateng, if you care to know, many of the people in Asante Akyem South constituency are not interested in political gimmicks but rather the struggle to get rid of poverty, bad roads, poor educational facilities, limited health care centers, the lack of developmental policies in the constituency is their topmost priority.

Programs designed by the President to help improve livelihoods of the good people of Ghana has been the priority of most of your colleague MPs some of which are even in opposition and you sit aloof, unconcerned about this worrying state of the constituency. Where is your lobbying skills? Asante Akyem South is one of the faithful constituencies NPP had always relied on during elections and I think we deserve better Mr. MP. Your reluctant nature to respond to genuine concerns raised by your people is what has compelled me to write to you this letter openly.

Furthermore, I am particularly concerned about the lack of involvement of the people from the constituency in the formulation of the district development plan.

In my humble opinion, these developmental plans must not be only the duty of the assembly but rather must be democratized to reflect a bottom-up policy approach where residents in the various towns of the constituency can contribute their quota to the process so that the challenges and the aspirations of the people of Asante Akyem South will be represented in those plans.

I don’t think the assembly would have drawn a policy in our four year development plan that they will get rid of public toilets in our district if there was proper consultation. Because I don’t see why the district assembly will come up with such policies in our development plan. Where do you expect visitors of the constituency or the district to ease themselves? Do we really know the importance of a public toilet? Advance countries have public toilets. Is that why most of the communities in our constituency do not have a public toilet which they have therefore resorted to the bush defecating in discriminatively in our constituency. The MP must sit up even if he will not bid for a third term.

I have much to tell you about the poor state of affairs of the constituency. You are not visible in the constituency or vocal in the House of Parliament. You don’t participate in Parliamentary debates neither do you forward the problems of your constituency to the House of Parliament.

You need to actually wake up from your slumber though the president is working hard to bring unprecedented development to this country. We cannot be coming up with write ups that suggest the way forward for our beloved constituency to realize that it does not mean anything to our MP. We are both aware that the problems of our constituency will need the whole earth space to write it down. This should tell you that you have not done much as you promised and must come and apologize to us and if possible step down before 2020 elections which we both know once again that you will not run again.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Ampem Nketiah Wereko

A true Son of Asante Akyem South