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Opinions of Friday, 20 November 2015

Columnist: Abdul Rashid Suleman

An open letter to all Muslims!

I begin with the mighty name of Allah.

Dear, Muslims

Are we happy with what is going on in the world? Are we happy as Muslims with the world calling us terrorists and touting Islam as religion of sheer violent? Are we happy with the killing of thousand folds of Syrians and other innocent Muslims most especially the vulnerables as retaliation of what happened in Paris and other cities? Are we happy with our women been humiliated in gatherings just because they are Muslims and few of their brothers are terrorists?

Are we happy to hear Muslims been tagged as terrorist, causing mayhem and haphazardly brutalizing some Muslims and non-Muslims everywhere they found themselves?

All the Muslim terrorists in the world have been brainwashed by some people who are motivated and inspired with political and selfish gains. They are rather disguising their ambitions with Islam. Islam vehemently abhors any form of terrorism.

We must stand tall to fight the ISIS, TALIBANS AND JIHADISTS. These organizations are not Muslims organizations. They are our number one enemies as Muslims. We must show to the world that we are indeed against their antiquated attacks as Muslims.

I'm much sure and aware that we are all not happy with what is going on. Why is it then that we are not condemning what our few fellow Muslims are doing? Is that Islam? The time to condemn all Muslim terrorists is now or never. We must all stand and condemn them all.

It is about time we educated the world that we are not terrorists and Islam is a religion of peace. The name Islam alone denotates and connotates peace, brotherhood and tranquility. Why are we then keeping mute when a handful of us are tarnishing our reputation.

Sheiks, Imams and Islamic scholars, this is the time to intensity the teachings of our peace religion to our fellow brothers and sisters both Muslims and non-Muslims. We must let people know we inasmuch hate what our few Muslim folks are doing with our actions and words.

We must inculcate in our progenies the true meaning of Islam at infancy. By doing so, we will give them a good foundation. No one will then be able to polarize or brainwash their thinking with any false doctrine.

We must come out in numbers to condemn all Muslim terrorists and organizations in the world. They are humiliating us. What they are doing is un-Islamical and has no root in Islam.

May Allah bring all forms of terrorism and all terrorists to a standstill. Amin
Asalamu alaikum!

By Abdul Rashid Suleman
Fourth year nursing student, knust