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Opinions of Saturday, 22 February 2020

Columnist: Osumanu Abubakar

An open letter to Abdul Aziz Haruna Futa - NPP National Nasara Coordinator (Part 2)

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Dear Sir, I bring you unadulterated greetings from my village. I thank God we are all fine, Alhamdulillah. I hope you know why I have addressed this letter to you? Yes, it is relative to your warped and illogical averment that the good people of the Zongos in Ghana owe massive votes to the incompetent, corrupt and nepotistic NPP as a political entity due to what you think same has done in the Zongo communities, and that if they don't vote for the NPP, then God will punish them. What an impudence!

Sir, you would recall that in 2018 I responded to a similar circuitous insult and revealed the illogical impression you sought to create about the Zongos in Ghana. Here again, I have elected to respond to your recent pronouncement, that if the Zongos in Ghana don't vote for the NPP, then God will punish them. My objective is to deflate and punch holes through your useless and invective pronouncement.

The coefficients of your pronouncement are three;

1. That, the NPP has a Zongo Ministry

2. That, the NPP has set aside Zongo Development Fund

3. That, 40 percent of nurses' allowance recipients are from the Zongos.

On the issue of the so called Zongo Ministry, we are not oblivious of the fact that it was created as a facade just to hoodwink unsuspecting Zongo people into believing that the NPP has the Zongos at heart. Tell us the giant and significant strides that this moribund ministry has done to have elicited such unwanted pronouncement from you. Do you think Zongo is only in Madina, Nima, Asawase? As the Assembly Member of Begoro Zongo electoral area, I have been impressing upon the District Assembly to put up a small cubicle-like toilet facility for the Islamic KG school (the only KG school in the electoral area) in the Zongo community. The DCE told me plainly that, that project would be funded by the Zongo Development Fund. He said this about two years ago, yet nothing to show for the said essential facility. If the Zongo Ministry and the Zongo Development Fund cannot put up a small toilet facility for the Begoro Zongo Islamic KG school, then what the hell are you talking about? Yet, a whole President is claiming credit in putting up toilet facilities in the country on a national platform. Come to Fanteakwa North and count the number of toilet facilities a DCE (Hon. Abass Fuseini) under the NDC administration has put up.

On the issue of 40 percent of nurses' allowance recipients being Zongo people, I am very sad for you. So, you hold your office directly as a result of what you profess and you think that those 40 percent nurses (from Zongo) who are enjoying the allowance are doing so because it is a privilege? And because of that they owe the NPP government votes?. You think a Zongo nurse enjoying allowance is a privilege? Are they not Ghanaian citizens? What about the 60 percent? So the 60 percent are more Ghanaian and deserve to enjoy allowance, but the 40 percent are enjoying the allowance as a privilege? No wonder Ursula Owusu said they have taken their country.

Please cut the joke and tell us you are engaged in this charade because of the Hajj Pilgrims you supported. What will that add to the betterment of the community as a whole. Even if we want to do that debate, which political party brought that idea? NDC under Rawlings took people to Mecca, it was no news, NDC under Mills-Mahama took people to Mecca, it was no news, NDC under Mahama-Amissah Arthur took people to Mecca, it was no news. We didn't parade the supported Pilgrims in public for the media spectacle. You copy from us and it should be a news? You have no idea what governance is about.

As we speak, the 7 innocent Zongo boys who were killed by heart have not got any justice and you are not interested in that? Innocent Muslim ladies are being chased out of work places because of Hijab and you are not showing any interest in that? Innocent students are being persecuted in schools because of Hijab and you are silent?

For your reminder, John Mahama was not and still not a Muslim, but he ordered that no Muslim lady in Hijab should be asked to remove them. He ordered that no Muslim student should be forced to attend Church. Under the NDC administration, Hajj became very attractive without previous precedence. Under the NDC, we had Arabic teachers being paid salary. We had Arabic education streamlined for better.

After all these, you think you have the testicular fortitude to engage in such hanky-panky, jiggery pokery, subterfuge and chicanery to hoodwink the good people of the Zongos in this country? Make no mistake, the people are wiser than you think and have the acumen of discernment.

Thank you.

@ Zongo Caucus Coordinator (Fanteakwa North Constituency)