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Opinions of Friday, 24 June 2016

Columnist: Lecumberry, Asare

An enemy of the state

My brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen: I crave your indulgence to comment on the incompetence and the ‘’yen tie obiara’’ syndrome of Mrs. Charlotte Osei which has reached its astronomical level. The same Supreme Court that issued the verdict that Mahama is the duly elected President of this country is now being looked down by this Electoral Commission. Fellow Ghanaians, Charlotte Osei and the National Democratic Congress have defied the highest court of the land; yet Mr. President claims he has deepened democracy. On that, I bet to differ. You can plan for man but no one can plan nor predict the future because the “I am that I am’’ will surely put smiles on our faces, come November 2016.

Your deliberate attempt and those of your devotees “inability” to decode the Supreme Court verdict is a blatant lie and great manifestation of your arrogance because you think or feel that “you have Abraham as your father”. Permit me to ask this simple question. Do you have your country’s interest at heart, or you just want to satisfy your parochial interest?

Ghanaians are yearning for change and no force on this planet can save this incompetent government from ‘foundering; on the high seas. You can register electorates haphazardly and use dubious means to disfranchise the masses. But, when the masses are fed up as they are feeling at the moment, no amount of intimidation can prevent the “crossing of the Rubicon”.
Our ultimate mistake will be to trust the lives of people like Charlotte Osei to conduct a free and fair election. An old bird is not caught with chaff, so brace yourself because we (Ghanaians) would ensure the verdict from the highest court of the land is strictly adhered to and implemented whether it suits your interest or that of your pay masters. State resources were used to brand a new EC Logo at your whims and caprices whereas verification machines were scarce and even the few ones that were available had nothing to write home about. If this is not the height of incompetence, I wonder what it is.

What is the relationship between the EC and the STL? We are told the Israeli company won the biometric voter registration contract under dubious circumstances. As if that is not enough, the Israeli Company continues to run circles around the IT Department of the EC. The big question is, “Does the Commission have an IT Policy”?

We can’t leave our destiny in the hands of the Electoral Commission with Mrs. Charlotte Osei at the helm of affairs. “A burnt child dreads fire.’’ The Supreme Court made it clear that elections are won at the polling station. The question is should we leave our future in the hands of the Commission with Charlotte Osei at the helm of affairs? No and a Big No! ‘’She is so ‘mean’ that she makes medicine sick’’. It will only mean leaving meat under the watchful stare of a starving dog. She would jeopardize our future because she needs to please her masters and the powers that appointed her to that juicy position. Her actions and inactions have indeed revealed the mask behind her “ugly and monstrous” face.

Let the Electoral Commission give us the break down with respect to persons who registered with National Health Insurance Card. It is funny how most of our institutions have been rendered useless because appointments are not based on competence but on one’s affiliation to a political party. In the end, efficiency is sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.
Ghanaians are yearning for transparency in our electoral process before, during and after election 2016. Injustice anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere. A man who fails to stand for something dies for nothing.’’ Asem beba dabi’’. Instead of seizing the opportunity to cement her legacy as the first woman to chair the Electoral Commission in Ghana, Mrs. Charlotte Osei has proved otherwise.

A character can be judged by the things he or she does, and what others say about him or her. Charlotte Osei gives wrong figures, disfranchises legitimate voters deliberately and violates the Supreme Court edicts. No well meaning Ghanaian will dare defy the edicts of the highest court of the land.
Case adjourned.