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Opinions of Friday, 12 February 2016

Columnist: Adusi, Boabeng,

An appeal from Agogo tertiary students union

... to the government on the fulani atrocities at agogo.

The Agogo tertiary students union condemn the heinous atrocities of the fulani herdsmen and their cattle been meted against innocent and hardworking citizens and the reluctance of the security to sanction the court judgment.

Based on previous posture by the security agencies concerning the evacuation of the fulani herdsmen and their cattle from our lands, we the Tertiary Students Union can conclude without fear that :

* The police and the military will take us for a ride once again. This is because it has become an annual ritual where every year, security personnel are deployed to Agogo with the sole aim of evacuating the fulani herdsmen and their cattle but ends up doing nothing.

On the 8th and 15 of March, 2015 DCOP Kofi Boakye came to Agogo and promised to evacuate the fulani herdsmen and their cattle from our lands, thus implementing the court judgment which has been hanging for years. Yet, these herdsmen are still on our lands raping our mothers, burning farms, polluting water bodies and killing innocent and hardworking citizens.
In view of the yearly deployment of the security to shield the fulani herdsmen and their cattle, we the Students' Union have lost absolute confidence in the security agencies to implement the 2012 High Court's judgment to flash out the fulani and their cattle from our lands.

We were happy when the information came that the Ashanti regional minister, the IGP and the chief of army defense staff among others were coming to Agogo on the 4th February 2016 to flush the cattle out finally but it turned out to be the old way of meeting stakeholders and giving assurances.

We can safely conclude that the stay of the security here in Agogo would just be another nine-day wonder and a total waste of tax payers money. The Students Union is therefore urging the police and appropriate authorities to prove us wrong by sanctioning the High Court judgment this time round .

All we are requesting from the security presence is to adhere to the ruling of the kumasi high court on 20th Jan 2012 and enforce the court order

Moreover, these heinous atrocities against our parents who are all farmers have:

* affected our academics since we spend all our precious time thinking about what might happen to our parents on their farms.
* brought untold hardships to us in school and unable to pay our fees since our hardworking parents can no longer go to their farms to harvest their produce due to fear of being killed.

We are urging the government with whom "orders from above" resides to issue these orders, for the security to flush out the fulani herdsmen and their cattle from our lands. We believe that this listening government who prides itself with education will listen to the voice of the entire students body and act to bring the situation under control.

... Signed...

Opoku Gilbert Adusi
(President )

Boabeng Peprah Kwadwo
(Secretary )

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