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Sports Features of Thursday, 29 December 2016

Source: Yeboah, Raymond Agbonlahor

An advice to the incoming sports minister if he wants to succeed

To be a minister entails so many things, the qualities of a minister doesn't benefit an individual but the whole nation.

A dark side of incompetent minister attributes to the downfall of the entire Government.A minister must avoid vengeance and any personal enmity against one particular organisation.A minister must avoid too much on radio and shouldn't bed and dine so much with the media.Any meetings that go on between the minister and any other institution must be remained confidential between the two.The minister should respect anybody and shouldn't have bad motivative and backbiting spirit against anybody.A minister should not turn himself an audit personnel or a judge to accuse another organisation of being corrupt.A minister should take an intelligent and wise decision makers cronies not any opportunistic fellow who would only gossip to your ears.The outgoing sports minister Nii Lantey Vanderpuye is the father of all the above-mentioned vices so the saying that administration continues should not abide by the new sports minister.

The new sports minister should be cordial and work hand in hand with the GFA if he wants to clear the mess Nii Lantey is leaving behind.The new Government has the best record under Nyantakyi regime in terms of production of best sports ministers who understood the work of the FA and in the process came out with flying colours because of that.

The precedent is there to follow, what the predecessors did is what he must replicate.

He should be careful with the staff at the sports council because not all of them are leaving the office with Nii Lantey so he could set a spy within who could still provide the few media houses that Nii Lantey was working with some confidential news from the sector.Nii Lantey misunderstandings with the FA reveals to me the motive behind him and some media houses and few of so called football administrators wanted the destruction of the football Association especially Nyantakyi and once their task is incomplete they will use underground means to frustrate the new sports minister with a lot of fabricated stories to put pressure on him.

Anything budget or money concerning the two bodies must be confidential because the public and the media are not auditors to discuss the budget on air with them.The FA needs conducive and cohesive atmosphere to work and l believe the new Government understand that so they will help the FA to achieve success.The new sports minister could be an instant hit if he could motivate the boys enough with more money and the financial issue which has become the problem under Nii Lantey administration is solved l could see Ghana appearing at Russia 2018 and winning the nation cup.The new Government should not appoint any controversial minister who might have personal problem with the FA or Nyantakyi to come with the purpose of revenge to hurt our game.Odotey Sowah is one of such personality the new Government must skip of offering him that appointment.The spirit of Osafo Marfo is needed right now to resurrect our dead sporting activities which went to the fridge when Nii Lantey assumed that role.

l am done

Raymond Agbonlahor Yeboah