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Opinions of Monday, 30 September 2013

Columnist: Imoro, Issah

An Open Letter To Nana Akuffo Addo

Dear Sir,

I congratulate you, in the true sense of the word, on this victory that you and your colleagues have led Ghana to attain. I believe this is a big success, though our hearts are heavy because the verdict did not go the way we expected. However, the legacy you have left behind will be written on the slate of history.

You might be wondering who this is. I hail from Bawku in the Upper East region and you are well acquainted with some of our elders, the likes of Imoro Salifu and Adam Amandi whom together with your father fought oppression and dictatorship. It was in the later’s room that i saw you the last time you came to Bawku.

Now that been said, though we differ in religious belief, I see that you believe in fate and the will of the Supreme Being. I believe strongly that you have successfully discharged your responsibilities as far as Ghanaian politics is concerned. To me, it does not matter whether you became President or not because some of us will still respect you as though you were one. How many men of excellent character have been corrupted and turned into stooges when they became President? They were later hated and despised by the very people who hailed them some time back.

Sir, your display of true statesmanship after the verdict made me realize the full extent of the reasons why your opponents (our opponents), both with us or with them, fiercely fought to make sure that you were never made President. It is for the simple reason of envy and greed. They are afraid you will bring them to justice, thus they plotted a grand scheme. They engaged in a vile Tribal and Personality campaign against you. They told all sort of lies against you prior to the elections. They even succeeded in making a former Supreme Court Judge drag you to court at a time when you needed more concentration. They killed you whilst you were alive and had gone for regular medical check-up in the UK. They fabricated lies about how you exited Oxford and also had a Presidential aspirant try to get you angry on National TV whilst you were debating. All these were attempts to provoke you but proved futile and drove home the point that you are a TRUE GENTLEMAN.

Surprisingly, some of them in a clear display of their hypocrisy are on air commending you and saying you are a true statesman, though others are still unrepentant. They knew this fact long before they started forging lies against you.

In all of this, I'm only sad because our Nation has been taken hostage by a group of greedy folks. No wonder a Justice of the Supreme Court described their clandestine activities as "create, loot and share". However, some hypocritical Ghanaians who say they are fair minded persons have not seen how these people oppressed you with all sort of lies for which they could not bring single evidence. Even the former Supreme Court Judge had his case against you thrown out when he attempted for the first time.

In conclusion, I completely agree with your idea of staying aloof for some time. However, we will miss you whilst you are away and I believe strongly that Ghanaians will one day come to a realization of the fact that you are the best option for Ghana.

Thank you Sir and stay blessed! By: Dr. Issah Imoro Bawku (