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Opinions of Saturday, 26 August 2006

Columnist: Asanteman Council of North America, ACONA

An Open Letter To Manhyia Palace - A Rejoinder

It is with much regret that a 5-member group called "Concerned Asante Citizens" in Toronto has resorted to backbiting, bickering, personal hatred, while employing negative energies to destroy the good name of the Asanteman Community in North America, notably the Asanteman Council of North America, ACONA, and particularly the Asanteman Association of Toronto, Canada.

On behalf of the entire community of associations comprising the ACONA, and in light of the allegations leveled against the elected and legitimate leader of the Asanteman Association of Toronto, we would like to clarify the situation.

A dispute arose between two factions of the Asanteman Association of Toronto when it came time to elect the next leader. Under normal circumstances, such disputes are handled internally amidst opposing views. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Constitution and byelaws of the Association, the Minority Group (made up of 5 members, including the outgoing chief from out of 70 plus members at the time) insisted the nominee with the majority following should be disqualified by all means they could conjure. Reasons – personal allegations and vendetta against Nana Bandoh, by the anonymous Chairman of the Concerned Asantes in Toronto.

After much deliberation among the members, the case was referred locally to the Ghana Union in Toronto for arbitration. Again, the Minority Group, including the outgoing chief blocked the gates to a peaceful resolution.

When the matter finally came before ACONA, it had become apparent that this Group was bent on not only blocking the chances of Nana Bandoh to become the next leader, but was also determined to sow seeds of dissention among the larger Asanteman community in Toronto and elsewhere. The matter was therefore, referred to the Asante Congress at Manhyia for final resolution.

Under directives from the Chairman of the Asante Congress and Otumfuo's Ambassador to the Asanteman Council of North America, a Mediation Committee of the Council met with both groups in Toronto on January 14, 2006 for a peaceful and lasting resolution. Dear Readers, except for the 5 members of the opposing group that were present, Nana Bandoh was unanimously declared the legitimate leader of the Asanteman Association, and was recognized as such. Tenets of democratic principles and rule of law will agree that this is the most legitimate and reasonable method for dealing with disputes.

Subsequent to Nana Bandoh's recognition as the rightful leader of the Asanteman Association of Toronto Association, and following incessant attempts to disregard the authority at Manhyia, the opposing group decided to launch an appeal to the Asante Congress urging it to rescind the Council's decision. In response, the Asante Congress reaffirmed its decision to stay the earlier decision by ACONA, and to recognize Nana Bandoh as the legitimate and rightful leader of the Asanteman Association of Toronto.

Dear Readers, let it also be known that the Asanteman Council of North America is a credible organization that only seeks to embark on progressive endeavors; it supports and works with positive elements who will contribute to the welfare of its members, the Asanteman Kingdom at home, and Ghana at large.

Courtesy of the Secretariat

Asanteman Council of North America, ACONA