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Opinions of Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Columnist: Adoli, Kofi

An Open Letter To Honourable Cletus Apul Avoka, MP

Dear Senior Comrade,

Having keenly observed your performance in parliament in the recent past I write to salute you on your steady and calm steering of the Constitutional Instrument 78.

Since the inception of Ghana, the phenomenon of subversion of its progress has dogged and continuous to dog her. On many occasions the activities of those engaged in such treachery range from obstinate and brutish to witless rabble-rousing. The barrage of attack to which the CI 78 was subjected by the New Patriotic Party and its surrogates within and without parliament shook the faith in some of us. At some point it appeared that the 45 new constituencies would not see the light of day.

But you stood, not only by the need to ease the administration of remote areas of the country but also by common sense, truth and the constitution of Ghana. In all your engagements in the media, your calm and reasoned responses deflated potential flames that would have been stoked. You also committed your experience and leadership to the national course by rallying both your colleagues in parliament and the whole country in support of the legislative process.

In ensuring the success of the CI, particularly in such a professional manner, you have etched your name in the gold plate of national patriots. You stand tall amongst those who selflessly devoted their lives to the enhancement of democratic institutions in our dear country. You have shown your commitment to ensuring the effective delivery of the benefits of democracy to citizens who have been 'remoted' by unwieldy constituencies and districts.

By dint of your hard work and the support of your colleagues in the majority in steering the constitutional instrument through parliament there is no doubt that your parliamentary campaign would have suffered from your absence in Zebila. But, like many members of the NDC home and abroad, I have abiding faith in the party machinery and the discerning Ghanaian voter, particularly in Zebila to give you another term in parliament.

Congratulations to you, my senior comrade.

Congratulations to all those who supported your efforts in parliament.

God bless you and our home land Ghana.

Your Junior Comrade,

Kofi Adoli, London,