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Opinions of Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Columnist: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel A.

An Open Letter To Church, Government And People Of Ghana

Bro. Immanuel Enoch A. Agbozo

We write as servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an Apostle-Prophet, separated unto the Gospel of God to the church and nations of the world.

Peace be unto the government and people of Ghana. Now is The TIME TO HONOUR GOD and TO HONOUR GHANA.

Blessed be the Most High God for the recent open acknowledgement, honour and glory to the Most High in the National Prayer and Thanksgiving Service for peace and quiet, and honourable transfer of power in the forthcoming general elections.

It is praiseworthy and most propitious that President J.A. Kufuor himself should lead the nation in humble adoration and solicitation for Divine mercy and peace for the nation. God in His word at Second Chronicles Chapter Seven (2nd Chronicles 7: 12-18) and First Timothy Chapter Two (1st Timothy 2: 1-6) assures of His mercy and healing, quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty if His people shall so honour Him.

This gives us full assurance that GHANA SHALL WITNESS PEACEFUL, QUIET and CELEBRATED ELECTIONS and TRANSFER of POWER, 2008/2009. The word of God is true, powerful, self-projecting and majestic if resorted to in full trust and faith, obedience and humility.

That apart, we had assurance from the Most High God Himself early in February, February 10, 2008 to be precise, that Ghana will witness and flourish in peace and unity. This was in response to prayers for the country at a church service held by the Ghana Evangelical Society (GES). The Lord stated that a sign of peace and unity in Ghana will come from the northern regions. Thus when recently the Houses of Chiefs of the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions issued a joint-declaration for peace and stability for development in the land (Daily Graphic, issue No. 17943 of Tuesday, October 21, 2008), we of the Society rejoiced in full assurance of faith and hope for the country. Hallelujah!

We seize this opportunity therefore to assure the Church, Government, Chiefs, People and Political Parties of Ghana that the Most High God, the God of Ghana will continue to be faithful to His electing and choosing of Ghana as Star nation and model state of His Kingdom Glory on earth in Africa and the world this end-time.

In this connection, may we remind the people of Ghana that once upon a time, at the beginning of Divine intervention in human affairs and affairs of nations, God chose the nation Israel, born through the Patriarch Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his great grandchildren who constituted the basis of the Twelve Tribes of Israel to demonstrate His blessed reign and rule of a chosen nation and people.

The twelve tribes became the prototype and basis for the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ and thus the Church in the world from the beginning to-date. We know that the world-wide spread of the church is the work of all the apostles, not one apostle. Ghana has been blessed in this respect with similar Divine election and works of glory to make her a star nation and model of God Kingdom Glory State in Africa and the world.

It may be worthwhile mentioning here that we have declared this many times before, but especially on October 30, 2005 at a special Thanksgiving Service honouring the Lord God Almighty for His Mission Accomplished for Ghana. Ghana now stands at the threshold of GREAT HONOUR and GLORY as GOD’S chosen nation and people reconciled, redeemed, healed, married and made Holy unto Jehovah. That makes Jehovah God very proud and jealous indeed of our country.

May all who are prophets and/or spiritual affirm that THIS IS TRUE. May all the spirits, gods, deities and powers in the land confess and submit that GHANA IS A CHOSEN NATION and PEOPLE of the Creator, MOST HIGH GOD.

With this assurance of Divine blessedness for Ghana as a chosen nation for God’s inheritance (Psalm 33:12), we appeal to the Church, Government, Chiefs and People of Ghana, including all religious groups and all the tribes of the country to ACKNOWLEDGE, HONOUR and GLORIFY The Most High God in all affairs of the nation. It is TIME TO HONOUR GOD and TO HONOUR GHANA, the God-chosen nation and people.

In this regard, may we in the name of the Most High seize this opportunity to assure the POLITICAL PARTIES, their EXECUTIVES, PRESIDENTIAL and PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATES of the HAND of GOD upon the nation and thus DIVINE SECURITY, PROTECTION and SAFE CONDUCT of all men of goodwill, loyalty and dedication to the country, her cause and glory. Ghana will enjoy peaceful, quiet and celebrated elections. Jehovah is the God of Salvation and Hope, Defence, Refuge and Security for blessed and beautiful Ghana, Beulah Land. Amen!

We declare therefore to all the POLITICAL PARTIES and THEIR CANDIDATES, and also INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES, their members and particularly campaign teams and officials THAT IT IS TIME TO SHOW FORTH THEIR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and HONOUR of The GOD of GHANA, creator of heaven and earth, THEIR LOVE and LOYALTY, GOODWILL and HOPE, GOOD INTENTIONS and DEDICATION to NATION and PEOPLE, present and future generations, and all the natural resources of the land, known and unknown, found and yet to be found. Peace and blessed hope be unto all.

We are aware in this connection of fears and concerns being expressed, of the state of confusion and violence, incitations and incantations, and the recourse to gods, deities, violence and political cacophony in the race for power to serve a country and people otherwise chosen and blessed by the Most High. These are contradictions in terms. They will not only defile the country. They can as well provoke the wrath and fury of the Most High God. May we assure the people of Ghana in this respect that the LORD GOD JEHOVAH’S decision to uphold the country cannot be overturned by these negative overtures. But they will certainly cause havoc to the fortunes and interests of the practitioners, the enemies of the country, except the Lord winks at them as noises of little consequence.

There is a NEW GHANA born out of deliverance from the dungeons and captive hold of Satan and idol worship, and redemption in the Blood, Truth, Peace and Liberty in CHRIST JESUS. The old order is no more!!

Nevertheless, it is imperative for the chiefs and people of Ghana, Christians and all the God-Believing, God-Loving and Loyal Citizens of the country who are hopeful and are working towards the GOOD, PROGRESS and PROSPERITY of Ghana to take serious note of the inherent destruction, dirt and defilement of the country in idol worship and blood sacrifices.

But this one thing we know, the day when Ghana was hoodwinked, seduced, deceived and ruled by the power of Satan, deities and blood sacrifices are gone. THE ONE BLOOD SHED BY JESUS CHRIST in atonement of the sins of the world is the only basis of peace and hope for the country. Ghana is free from the seduction, deception, domination and control of the power of Satan. There can be NO RETURN to the dark days. GHANA IS FREE and free for ever. Amen!

Let the Government and Chiefs, Political Parties and Politicians, Professionals and Business Fraternities, Foreigners and Settlers in Ghana know assuredly that Ghana is a God- chosen nation. That they must HONOUR GOD and HONOUR GHANA in all they do every where. God and Ghana will reward them!!!

LET US CELEBRATE PEACE and QUIET, GOOD AND PROGRESS for Ghana in the Knowledge and Fear, Truth and the Hand of God for beautiful Ghana now and for ever more.

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