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Opinions of Sunday, 26 July 2020

Columnist: Jonathan Blay Ministries

Amidu’s flawed reasons for evacuation of Samuel Adam Mahama to Ghana

Special prosecutor, Martin Amidu Special prosecutor, Martin Amidu

I think Martin Amidu is somehow confused.

Elaborating his reasons for the undertaking, Mr Martin Amidu who signed the letter stated that, “amongst other reasons for the letter to the said Ministry, Samuel Adam Mahama’s elder brother of full blood who without a doubt and the evidence available to his office answers to the description of the elected Government Official 1 allegedly granted a denial interview to the Daily Graphic which published same on June 20, 2020, fortunately containing suspected admissions that he is the elected Government Official 1 referred to in the UK judgement.

Serving appointees of this government have been unable to obtain the voice recording of this interview to enable the office to confront the former president with his own admissions in the interview as answering to the description to the brother of Samuel Adam Mahama as Intermediary 5.

According to the Special Prosecutor, this information notwithstanding, his office and his person has been attacked.

Mr Amidu said he is continuously “attacked “as a bitter old man” settling scores with Samuel Adam Mahama and his accomplices who the Special Prosecutor does not know and has ever met.”

The Special Prosecutor said his letter to the Foreign Ministry also explained the importance of depoliticizing the issue thereby asking the Ghana High Commissioner to the UK to “urgently facilitate the voluntary evacuation of Samuel Adam Mahama to Ghana.”

The former Attorney General believes this will afford Mr Adam Mahama the opportunity not to only save his image but also that of his brother and the former president Mahama who has accused the office of the Special Prosecutor of tainting his image.

“This is because Samuel Adam Mahama answers in court for the suspected allegations discovered by the investigation of this office against him as a Ghanaian citizen, the unwarranted politicisation of this simple corruption crime by his family and supporters will continue,” Mr Amidu said.

My point of view

I think the special prosecutor Mr Amidu is somehow in my opinion confused and desperate to justify his stay in his office.

In my humble opinion, the President is very very disappointed for appointing him as the special prosecutor.

With all due respect, Mr Amidu do not deserve to be the special prosecutor for mother Ghana. In fact l am so disappointed after reading this story on

Seeing the Interpol’s Red Notice for Samuel Adams Mahama brouhaha and all the controversy surrounding the case.

Moreover, we have a series of cases in Ghana that the office of the special prosecutor failed to address.

I commend the president for creating the office of the special prosecutor but I think he has the wrong person in the office. I think his removal and replacement with competent and a more serious person will do the president a lot of good than evil.

This is my humble opinion to the president. H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana and the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces.