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Opinions of Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Columnist: Edmund Kyei

Amaliba and Anyidoho should stop the ugly political noise

Propaganda won't win us any favour as a country. There is a viral strain that assails one’s thinking faculty the very moment Abraham Amaliba and Koku Anyidoho speaks. A deadly virus that operates with vile and venom has earned both over the years to become objects of ridicule in the media.

This really intrigues me that anytime an issue is up against the EC Boss, the NDC jumps into her defense making it seems the NDC is an Extended PR arm of the EC Boss. Amaliba and Anyidoho both lack the emotional and political intelligence to deal with delicate matters that borthers the state.

I will like to ask the NDC folks who have suddenly become defenders of the EC Boss that, Is the EC boss the only person being investigated in this matter? Are the other two Commissioners by their logic not Ghanaians or are they NPP card bearing members?? So why are they pushing for one and silent on the other two? This is pure hypocrisy and they are just on their usual path of political heartaches.

On this note, I debunk on their whack logic of politicization of a sensitive issue of this nature, that the NPP or the Presidency has discretion on this matter. It is a matter of compromised system related to procurement of Electoral Process, Office and Professional Misconduct by Public officials and every citizen of this country should be bothered by this situation. We as a people should look beyond politics and consider the merits and demerits of such matter and trust our judicial process to use procedural justice to deliver substantive justice for the case than jumping the gun to shoot with a tone that suggests that, this case is politically motivated.

Meanwhile, it is established that the case of the petition was brought against the EC Boss by her own staffs at the EC so where lies the NPP or the President’s involvement in the steps to remove the EC Boss. If Amaliba who is a lawyer do not comprehend such process then I suggest to him to revisit the law school for better and further enlightenment in the legal profession. It is clear in our constitution, the grounds and process to impeach a public official. By article 146 clause 3 of the 1992, by law, the Presidency has to forward any such impeachment claim that bothers on misconduct of Public Official to the Chief Justice to handle the merits and the procedures of it, which was duly done.

Laws are made and meant to guide us. Politics or no Politics, we have a constitution in place which outlines all due processes which must be followed to the latter no matter what or who is involved. No individual or groups of persons are above the law. So let's stop the politicization of this case and deal with the merits of it with Ghana at the center stage, It is good for our democracy. Let's make constructive criticism based on patriotism and not born out of sheer hatred, and mischief.