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Opinions of Sunday, 2 October 2016

Columnist: Kazenang, Wahid

Thank you

Thank you

The media is a very powerful tool in bringing about development and change in every given society and in fact it is based on this that dictators of any sort did and still do not like the media. The media spreads knowledge and it is a very good tool for empowerment.

One particular powerful media source so far as those of in Ghana are concerned is This medium breaks all barriers and it has become a very powerful tool in correcting the ills of the Ghanaian society. Some are of the illusion that is based in only the urban centers in Ghana. That I can tell you is a complete fallacy which must b done away with. In fact in every part of the world especially those of us in Ghana be they in the rural or urban or rural centers, is a household name for all and all can attest to this fact.
What is also important is the fact that is a unifier as it brings together both friends and enemies alike through the use of its platform.
Someone would be wondering why I am showering so much praise on The reason is very simple and straight forward.

In May this year (2016) I sent an article for publication to and was published for the consumption of the general public particularly the various publics of the Upper West Region of Ghana, especially the people of the Daffiama Bussie Isa district affectionately called the DBI. In fact in that publication I sought to send the strongest signal that the immediate past deputy Upper West Regional Minister Honorable Abu Kabiebata Kasangabata (Abu KK) was seen to be an impediment to the overall success of Dr Sebastian Sandare who had earlier on defeated the deputy regional minister in organized primaries.

In that publication through the platform of I sent the strongest signals that either the former deputy regional minister accepts the situation as it is that is by facing reality and help Dr Sandare to win the seat or we will all descend to the gutters and do the worse for each other. I outlined why the former deputy regional minister should come on board the campaign team of Dr Sandare since there is always another time for any defeated candidate.
Thanks to goodness, the former deputy Upper West Regional minister has heeded our call and I can say without any shred of doubt that there is now total unity in the Daffiama Bussie Isa constituency affectionately called DBI.

Why am I saying this? Something very historic really happened on the 25th of September 2016, during the campaign launch of Dr Sandare. The campaign launch was held at Bussie and the attendance was massive as all people from every part of the region came to grace the occasion.

Out of the thick and deafening crowd emerged the former deputy Upper West Regional minister, Abu KK, who amidst deafening cheers and thunderous acclamation, he mounted the podium.

What did he say? He called on all and sundry to give their unflinching support to Dr Sandare. This call was particularly made and directed to his supporters who until now did not want the wining team of Dr Sandare to make headway.
When the former deputy regional minister spoke at the function, there was total silence of approval by all as a fallen sound of tiny needle could be heard by all. And as if that was not enough he pulled out two brand new motorbikes to assist in the campaign of Dr Sandare pending the final onslaught and wining of the impending parliamentary seat in December this year.

The seeming differences existing amongst all factions in the DBI constituency have all died a natural death and all have buried the hatchet and smoked the peace pipe.
Let me use this opportunity through your medium,, to thank all and sundry especially the former deputy Upper West Regional minister Honorable Abu KK for taking the giant initiative to see to it that success is for all in the DBI constituency. It is a feat unprecedented in the history of the constituency.
To all friends and foes alike we will say may the good lord protect us all.
Let me now turn my attention to our darling medium, have really come to serve the underdogs and the less privileged in our society. You have broken all unbreakable human barriers through your medium. It is our prayer that the good lord will continue to bless you with the requisite foresight, forthrightness and above the fortitude to be able to carry out your mandate through the vision and mission you have set for yourself.
I will end on this note: Long live, Long live Ghana and long live the DBI constituency of the Upper West Region!!!

Wahid Kazenang
P.O.Box 47
Isa. Upper West Region

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