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Alhaji Baba Jamal bin Jihadist Weeps for Failing to Snatch the Akwatia Parliamentary Seat
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Opinions of Sunday, 23 August 2009

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Alhaji Baba Jamal bin Jihadist Weeps for Failing to Snatch the Akwatia Parliamentary Seat

Baba Jamal of the NDC is a born-to-lose Parliamentary aspirant. This young man typifies the untoward characteristics of his boss Jerry John Rawlings. He has never impressed me as a sincere guy in any of his discourses, be they at the Peace FM morning Kookrokoo programme, or, at Akwatia as a jihad instigator. He makes me wonder if he is truly a lawyer by profession. Or, is it the nature of the Ghanaian politics that has done his head in, making him such an unintelligent mischievous NDC hoodlum? How on earth can such a person who does not cogitate about issues before declaring his views be appointed a Regional Deputy Minister? What good did Agya Atta see in him before conferring this big post on him? Anyway, birds of the same feathers flock together. Gangsterism is the trademark designation of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). They seem to be a grouping of thugs judging by the unscrupulous behaviour of most of those belonging in that party. Their actions simply nauseate me. They make me sick and puke.

What does Alhaji Baba Jamal bin Jihadist mean; an inquisitive mind may wish to know? It simply means Alhaji Baba Jamal is the son of a Holy War warrior. Jihad in Islam is "A Muslim holy war or spiritual struggle against infidels". It may have various interpretations but the present day Islamic fanatics of whom Alhaji Baba Jamal bin Jihadist is not an exception, understand it to mean waging a war to main and kill those they disdain. Who are these political or religious unbelievers that he had intended to wage holy war against? Was he directing it at the NPP sympathisers that Rawlings, himself and almost all the NDCs see as enemies worth lynching? Baba should please spare us this cane or rod of nonsense. It is a shame on him to have tried but failed to manipulate some NDC simpletons to proceed on a war path to wrongly help him usurp the Akwatia Parliamentary seat. I have always been pondering over why Baba Jamal doesn't want to be his own man. He is always acting in a manner that will make Rawlings admire him. No wonder it said, "Like father, like son". I will say he is just a waste of time and space at his current post should my opinion be sought on his credibility, competency and honesty as a Deputy Minister. His current position is incumbent upon him to accept everyone regardless of their political affiliation and persuasion as a human being worth treating fairly. It is therefore not good enough for my compatriot Jamal to entreat fellow Muslim brothers and the inhabitants of Akwatia and its environs to proceed on jihad. Is he seeking to fuse State and religion together? There should be a separation between both when doing politics.

I pray Baba listens to me in good faith before people pile up pressure on "His Excellency, President "Asomdwehene" Fiifi Evans Atta Mills to relieve him of his current post. We need unifiers but not dividers to help turn around the Ghanaian politics and the economy for the better. A word of advice to Baba Jamal is sufficient. In unity we stand; divided we fall. Ghana is for all Ghanaians without any specifications or exemptions. Therefore be warned, those politicians who for their selfishness and pretences, seek to draw a wedge between peace loving Ghanaians. They will be shamed. Their nefarious activities are they committed nocturnally or in broad daylight will be exposed with the passage of time.

Long live Ghana; long live the Republic.

Rockson Adofo, London

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