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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Columnist: Nkrumah-Agyapong, Kwame

Alhaji Abbas’s Defection is a Fabricated Story

*NDC and their lies and Propaganda – Alhaji Abbas’s Defection is a Fabricated Story*

Ladies and Gentlemen, Young Nkrumaist Movement (YNM) would like to state that headlines like “*Abbas Defects From CPP to NDC and Savages the NPP*” by the ruling government National Democratic Congress (NDC) are pure lies and propaganda by the ruling party to deceive the general public.

Mr Alhaji Mohammed Abass Mensah was indeed a leading member of CPP until 2008. During the 2008 election run-off, comrade Alhaji Mohammed Abass Mensah appeared on various radio stations and other media houses to appeal to the hierarchy of the CPP to rally behind the then[ruling] New Patriotic Party in the December 2008 run off to ask CPP members to throw their weight behind NPP AGAINST the Convention People’s Party’s position.

Alhaji Abass explained to various media houses that “*his appeal stems from the high level of development that the NPP administration under President Kufuor has brought to the country and the need for the party to continue to lead Ghana to a middle income status*.” Please follow the links below for more details:

Alhaji Mensah was asked to appear in front of CPP UK - Disciplinary Committee and we have not seen him since.

This same person has reappeared in NDC and has given the NDC the same story he told NPP “Alhaji Abass stated that his decision to join the NDC and to help President Mills win the 2012 elections was informed by the level of development he saw when he lived in Ghana in the last two years.” Please see the link below (

We ask the general public to treat NDC and Alhaji Abass’s story with a pinch of salt. Only NDC can fabricate defection when a person is no longer a member of Convention People’s Party-UK and lack discipline. These stories are false and propaganda by the NDC.

Kwame Nkrumah-Agyapong

Leader of Young Nkrumaist Movement, Ex Youth Organiser of Convention People’s Party (UK and Ireland)