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Opinions of Friday, 21 December 2012

Columnist: Ogbamey, Alfred

Alfred Ogbamey goes 'raw' on Facebook

This is to answer questions privately sent by some Fb (facebook) friends to me. Responding to every one may be difficult so here l use the open system.

Though l may have my political biases l try to speak my mind independently on every issue. l deliberately do not carry any party's card so that I'd not be compelled to follow any partisan dictum. It is also to allow me to disagree with any party when l strongly feel so.

This country is more important than NPP or NDC and things have to be done properly. For those who r worried abt how l spoke on Peace fm, I deliberately spoke the way l did cos l feel its about time party supporters get to know how the NPP leadership has failed the party AS OF NOW and how they are deliberately misleading everybody. As l said the newly collated evidence is not available for anyone to make meaning of it.

I certainly do not speak for NDC or NPP, though my views at any time is likely to be in sync with one or the other, or out of sync with both parties, depending on the issue. Neither am l perpetually or constantly opposed to any of them.

But when pple lie and mislead supporters as if they are fools, the truth ought to be told. How can we fail to provide the so called evidence presented to Afari Djan to the public after promising so. And when it is claimed that it was presented to him Sunday noon! How can we tell people we are rather gathering new evidence. What about the one presented to halt the declaration of the result? And yet we keep insulting Afari Djan and keep insisting he's a crook when leadership did not do its work well and when we have not made the facts that indict him available. That's what l'm saying.

That l am in no position to make an assessment of the new evidence that would go to court but in a position to speak to what was taken to Afari Djan in the name of evidence Sunday.. The party has failed to debate the earlier evidence it took to the EC chair cos pple know the evidence taken to afari djan do not add up. And instead of waiting to release the new evidence to hide the disappointments to supporters, we r still misleading pple that he was given evidence and he refused it. which evidence? the one still being collated?

Isn't it a shame listening to the confusing and contradictory figures of 1 million, 63,000, 88,000, 100,000. 100,000-150,000 being bandied about by various high profile party leaders such as General Secretary Sir John, chairman Jake, pc appiah ofori, Dr Bawumia, osei kyei mensah bonsu and others. What are we, the unthinking zombies, supposed to believe?

And if Adjoa Safo is being praised for 'shining' her eyes, what did the party leaders do. Waiting for Adjoa to 'shine shine' her eyes to open their eyes too.

Folks, are u happy with the tension we went through during the week, with people being beaten here and there and us sitting on tenterhooks that the situation could degenerate into a crisis. I went through a thin version of this in 2008 and didn't like it. And l certainly didn't like it this time also. I've children and cannot put JM or Nana ADDO's interest first before theirs or the country's.

My point, which Ursula deliberately undermined so that l don't weaken supporters faith is that let us use the law courts and until evidence is put out there, the party has no basis to do what it is doing calling afari Djan and others Crooks. Simplicita! That's what l'm saying, that's what dr wereko brobbey is saying, that is what Appiah menka is saying and that is what dede Djaba is saying. Many more NPP folks will soon start saying so.

As for me sounding NDC, l don't worry about that. NDC just like the NPP is made up of humans and Ghanaians for that matter. So if my logic today favours the NDC, so be it, for morrow it may not favour them. What is important to me is that l speak my mind the way l deem fit, not expecting to make everyone happy and not expecting everyone to agree with me. Thanks y'all.


The above is an unedited version of what was posted on Mr. Ogbamey's facebook. it has not been changed neither is a word or sentence taken out.