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Opinions of Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Columnist: Daniel Erzuah

Alfred Obeng Boateng, the star of Western North and beyond

The Western North Region was recently carved from the Western Region through a referendum with a 99.58% vote cast in favour of it. The road leading to its creation wasn't an easy task as it required a lot of sacrifices from Chiefs, individuals and politicians.

Like our Saviour Jesus Christ in a manger, a star guided the Shepherd to visit him when he was born. The signification of stars is the knowledge of good and truth which also gives out light at night or darkness. The creation of the Western North Region began as darkness and a lot of respected individuals contributed their quota towards its realization.

As darkness always gives way to light, a respect Son of Sefwi who is known as the Star of Western North and personally known in real life as Mr Alfred Obeng Boateng Approachers couldn't be left out of the praise for his contributions.

The nobleman Mr Alfred Obeng Boateng Approaches is a businessman, an entrepreneur, a publisher and a philanthropist from the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipality and a true son of Sefwi whose passion is to serve humanity. He is indeed seen as a star through his enormous contributions to the Western north creation and its aftermath.

Mr Alfred Obeng Boateng Approachers passion to help and serve humanity has led to his continuous paying of school fees for the needy in Bibiani and its environs, taking care of the aged and widows. His philanthropic nature led to the purchasing of a 110kv Gen Set worth Ghc170,000 for the Bibiani Government Hospital after several pleas to the Mp who doubles as Deputy Minister of Health, Hon. Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu and the MCE, Hon. Alfred Amoah yielded no fruitful results.

Could one justifiably conclude that the plight of the citizens of Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai isn't a priority to them? The question still begging for an answer is why both refused to attend its commissioning when they were invited.

Mr Alfred Obeng Boateng Approachers contribution to the creation of the Western North is also evident in the provision of a hard body pick-up and financial support to the Secretariat. He can be likened to the Joseph of Old in the Bible who was sold out by his brothers and later became a prime minister to save his own people.

Some of his own Sefwi brothers whom he had extended a hand of help before connived to oust him out of BOST as CEO because his presence there did not serve their selfish interest. The rejected stone became the cornerstone and they never succeeded in killing his spirit to continue to serve his Sefwi people. His name is now a household name in Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai and Western North and indeed who God has blessed no man can curse.

As the Bible says, everything works together for good to them that put their trust in the Lord and as has been on the lips of Mr Alfred Obeng Boateng Approaches, " We Serve a living God". The Lord has increased him from Grace to Grace through his good deeds to serve humanity.

Each and every soul within Bibiani and its environs has benefitted either directly or indirectly from his benevolence and the latest to taste Mr Alfred Obeng Boateng Approachers kindness is the police command within Western North. His passion to ensure members live in peace led to his donation of the three (3) hard body pick-up worth Ghc525000 to the Bibiani, Bekwai and Wiawso divisional command.

His interest in education, improving human resources and contribution towards the free S.H.S also led to the donation of five (5) each of his most sought after books to the library of all public Secondary Schools in the country as his contribution towards helping the needy.

Mr Alfred Obeng Boateng Approachers is indeed the Star of Western North who is so determined to put Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai and by extension Western North on the "GLOBE". Some of his characteristics are that he is humble, not discriminatory, welcoming and a great listener.

Sefwiman is indeed grateful to have a respected man like you and it's our prayer that the good Lord guides your steps and make you great and strong.

Long live Alfred Obeng Boateng Approaches!

Long live Western North!!

Long live Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai!!!